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Dec 5, 2007 09:30 AM

Best place for churros?

This is a major craving that my husband and I are having. Where to go for churros, preferably with chocolate dipping sauce. I remember having a good one at what used to be Lucy's at ABC a number of years ago and have not had them since.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. id highly suggest the churros at boqueria. hot and crunchy with great thick chocolate sauce. the ones at bar jamon are also real good but the churros are not hot and the chocolate is spicy (which i love). still, nothing in nyc beats the chocolate con churros you can get in madrid at 5 am.

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    1. re: jon

      Darn -- thought I was going to find a good tip for chocolate con churros madrileño-style...

      Are the Boqueria churros savory or sweet? I find most of the ones sold in NY are dusted with sugar and cinnamon, but (as you know) the ones in Madrid are savory. I hear Despaña downtown (on Broome?) has them on Sundays...

      1. re: theannerska

        I had churros with hot dipping chocolate at Despana on a Saturday a few weekends ago. Loved 'em.

        1. re: Kanger

          Please provide address for Despana!

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          the ones at both bar jamon and boqueria are sweet (dusted in cinmamon and sugar) but still very good. nothing like the ones at san gines chocolateria in madrid but still worth eating. if anyone knows where to find churros mardrileno style in new york, id love to know!

          1. re: jon

            San Gines was THE best at 5 a.m.! I went once during the afternoon and it was a different world altogether.

            Am now determined to hit Despana when I return to NY in a few weeks -- will report back.

      2. Five Points serves it on their weekend brunch menu, about 4 or 5 churros accompanied by a mug of bittersweet hot chocolate (not a chocolate dipping sauce). I haven't been there in almost a year but it was a favorite for me and my boyfriend when he used to live in that side of town. The churros are definitely made to order, super hot and creamy interior with crunchy and very lightly brown (I think) sugar dusted exterior.

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        1. re: ilny

          Yes, a sugar and cinnamon dusted exterior, hot and crispy! It is one of my favorite items on their brunch menu.

          Also: a thumbs down for Donut Plant's churros unless they are piping hot. They let them sit out on the counter and get stale.

        2. The churros with chocolate sauce at Pamplona are delicious!

          1. Mmm, I've wondered this myself. The churros at Barca 18 are pretty good but different. They're a couple inches long and come with hot chocolate (really, it's sauce). They're crispy on the outside and still firm on the inside, unlike the kind you get at Disneyland. Anyone know if the ones from the cart on the L line are worth it? Any good places outside of Manhattan?

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            1. If you can whip up a chocolate dipping sauce at home, you can often get churros on the L train platform at the Union Square station on the weekends and in the evening during the week.