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Jun 13, 2006 06:22 PM

strawberry varieties at Yerena Farms, Ferry Plaza Market

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I was at the Tuesday Ferry Plaza market today and stopped by the Yerena Farms booth.

I was actually looking at the raspberries (thinking of trying rworange's glass jar storage method on them), but the sign listing the different varieties of strawberries caught my eye -- they had six different varieties listed, but none of the boxes were labelled.

So I asked, and the man working there whipped out his pocket knife and proceeded to cut me samples of all the varieties. I ended up with a basket of Albion (misspelled "Alvion" on their sign) that had a good balance of sweetness and strong strawberry flavor. They also had Chandlers (also very delicious), Seascapes, Diamonds (probably Diamontes, the most common varietal grown in Watsonville), Camino Real and Aromas. Maybe a couple more. Anyway, it was interesting to sample them head-to-head against each other. I wish more vendors would market their strawberries by varietal as they do with other fruits.

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    What is rworange's glass jar storage method? I'm going out of town for a week during the middle of the short boysenberry season. I'm buying half a flat on Saturday and was planning to freeze them. Is there another way to preserve bushberries?

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      I haven't yet tried to keep raspberries over a week. The batch in the fridge now will get that honor. I'd freeze them to be safe, but maybe put a few in a glass jar and see how they hold up when you get back.

      Basically, put berries in a glass jar. Put lid on. Put in fridge. That's it.

      I still haven't washed them prior to putting in the jar.


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        Thanks, I'll try that if I have time. I plan to buy a half flat on Saturday and then bag the baskets and shoot them into the freezer. I think I'll try the glass jar method for one basket. Unfortunately boysenberries tend to be more fragile than just about any other bushberry.

    2. Yrena had all the varietals at the UN Plaza market today, too.