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Dec 5, 2007 09:14 AM

New Thai Place-- Guilford Ct?

Driving on Rt 1 yesterday-- not too far from Branford line-- saw a sign for a newly opened Thai restaurant (norh side of street). I didnt quite catch the name and was in a hurry-- has anyone noticed this? or been? would love to have a new good place in the burbs!

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  1. It's called Ayuthai. The phone number is 203-453-2988. It's delicious. Much better than Som Siam and Siam Orchids. I've only been to two thai rest. in New Haven, but i wold say it's better than them also. Definitely check it out.

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      Sounds good, what did you have? Is it kid-friendly?

    2. Very fresh, beautiful and flavorful food. I too prefer it to Som Siam. Dining room feels spiffy and newly re-done. They make take-out easy and fast--give it a try!

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        Just ate at Som Siam and we think it was excellent. Better overall than our experience at Ayuthia.
        Slightly different atmosphere, too. It is perhaps a tiny bit smaller and because there are several windows, I feel like I am in someone's home and you can actually see a home or two out the window.Service was flawless by two, mature Thai women. Nice, little, free dessert, too. Very pretty table settings with pink napkins and tablecloths. The dining room has some charachter and color.

      2. This is a smallish restaurant with two dining areas. There is no real lobby or waiting area. In a small house, I would guess the whole place can seat about 60 people at around fifteen tables. We were there at about 7:30 on a rainy, Friday night and they were still fairly full. We ate in the entry/small bar area where they have four, two-tops. This is a busy area. "The bar" is also where customers come for take-out. After a while it was not so bad and became almost quiet and intimate. We were able to have a pleasant after-dinner conversation with the couple next to us, who frequent the place. The two-top tables are too small to handle a number of dishes, wine glasses, etc.
        There was a decent selection of wine. This impressed me for a Thai restaurant. We had the Folie A Deux Menage a Trois 2006, a Zin blend. This was a great red and priced conservately for the quality at $24!
        We ordered fresh "Spring Rolls" and received fried rolls. We said "what the heck" and ate them. Then the "real" uncooked spring rolls arrived. We said, "what the heck", "we can take them home if we are too full", so we kept them. They were good but the dark brown, thick, peanut-based dipping sauce was too strong, thick and overpowering. I preferred the light, sweet and vinegary dipping sauce.
        My partner ordered Larb, the ground pork salad, for her main course and I ordered the deep-fried red snapper with chili sauce over it (basically Pad Prik Pla) but it included large slivers of onion and green bell pepper. It was not terribly spicy, slightly overcooked, but very satisfying. We both agreed that the Larb was good, but WAY TOO SALTY! I'm sure this occurred from a combination of fish sauce (which didn't seem overpowering) and salt, when combined is overkill. We are both old enough to appreciate an extra boost of flavors but this was too much. We took it home and put a lot of lime juice over it and ate it with rice. It was acceptable at that point.
        We shared a coconut ice cream dessert, which I can highly recommend, especially if you have eaten a lot of spicy food!
        Though the experience had some hiccups, I can recommend that you try it. I have had some incredibly good Thai food, in many cities, and this did not quite measure up, on this occasion, but it is as good as any I have had in the New Haven-Guilford area. The service was quite good. It is a neat and clean restaurant. Ayuthai is easy to get to; one mile back towards Branford off exit 57, on Boston Post Road. It sits by itself, in a house, right on the side of the road and has very adequate parking. Enjoy!

        1. I stopped there for lunch today (yes, they are open for lunch). Only two other tables occupied, which was a shame. The lunch menu has 7 or 8 curries, the same number of noodle dishes plus meat and vegetarian choices. I had the Massaman curry and it was excellent. The salad was about half iceberg, but enough other additions to satisfy. The green tea came from Stash bags. All in all, a welcome addition to shoreline eateries.
          In case you are hunting for it, it is at 2279 Rt. 1, more than a mile west of downtown Guilford and east of Anthony's restaurant.

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            Thanks Don-- good to know about lunch!

          2. Got take out this weekend and it was very good. They actually did make my vegetable jungle curry spicy as requested-- it was really tasty. A good addition to Guilford overall--