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Dec 5, 2007 09:01 AM

All Natural/ Organic Onion Soup Mixes or Italian Seasoning packets? Do they exist?

I've never really used recipes that call for onion soup mix or Good Seasons Italian Dressing packets but in an attempt to cook a few recipes from a magazine a friend bought for me I'm willing to use them.

Are there organic versions of these?

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  1. they do exist! at least here in canada, but I imagine that they are american. The brand is simply organic, and they have everything from chicken gravy, to guacamole spice packets. I have used them many times for back-ups and travelling, and they are great.

    1. another brand would be frontier. i believe that if you have a local co-op grocery nearby you should be able to get something similar, in the bulk herbs/mixes section.

      1. yup. seen some at WF just recently.

        made a good ole fashioned spinach dip with their dried veggie soup

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          Great! Thank you everyone. I will hit WF this week.