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All Natural/ Organic Onion Soup Mixes or Italian Seasoning packets? Do they exist?

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I've never really used recipes that call for onion soup mix or Good Seasons Italian Dressing packets but in an attempt to cook a few recipes from a magazine a friend bought for me I'm willing to use them.

Are there organic versions of these?

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  1. they do exist! at least here in canada, but I imagine that they are american. The brand is simply organic, and they have everything from chicken gravy, to guacamole spice packets. I have used them many times for back-ups and travelling, and they are great.

    1. another brand would be frontier. i believe that if you have a local co-op grocery nearby you should be able to get something similar, in the bulk herbs/mixes section.

      1. yup. seen some at WF just recently.

        made a good ole fashioned spinach dip with their dried veggie soup mix..mm

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          Great! Thank you everyone. I will hit WF this week.