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Dec 5, 2007 08:59 AM

delicious dinner in Roma

i live in rome with my boyfriend, but we normally eat out locally and cheaply. but-for his birthday i want to go somewhere great where we wouldn't normally go. and the price doesn't really matter. based on this board i am thinking of:
la pergola
antico arco

which one should i choose??

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  1. I haven't spent a lot of time in Rome and, of all the restaurants you mentioned, I've only been to La Pergola and Pierluigi. While we really enjoyed the latter, my honest feeling is that, if price is no object, you absolutely can't miss with La Pergola. They've got it all - food, service, ambience. One of our most memorable meals ever.

    1. I haven't been to Trattoria and can't even remember if I've ever been to Pierluigi, but I've walked past it a lot, and I would think neither is really up to the level you're after. La Pergola (reserve yesterday) is indeed unforgettable. I love Antico Arco and it's birthday material, but not major birthday. Haven't been to Baby. Some people I know like it, others hate it. It would be fancy enough. Piperno might be a bit stodgy for your taste, but if you live here and have never been, this might be the moment to round out your Roman experience. You should certainly go there sometime, whether it's this birthday or not. I'd add Il Convivio to your list.

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        it doesn't have to be super fancy formal expensive-not a big birthday-23-just a good time and good food. also, we can't go until 10:00 and live in Trastevere so some place central (trastevere-campo-navona) would be good.

        also btw some of our favorite and very affordable restaurants in rome:
        mo'sto-trastevere-very new and great and nice people and popular and cheap
        cave canem-trastevere (piazza san calisto) big menu but still good and fresh
        carlo menta-trastevere-really delicious and popular and cheap-lasagna is amazing and 4 euro
        le mane in pasta-trastevere-talked about on this website and a little more expenseive than others mentioned but sooo good
        taverna trilussa-trastevere-has award winning delicious ravioli (a little more expensive than others)

        all thats coming to mind now-i will add more as we keep trying places. anyway help me-it's for tomorrow!!

        1. re: hungry1234

          Il Sanpietrino could be just the ticket, Piazza Costaguti 15, in the Ghetto, tel 06-68806471. It's very attractive but only medium-level price and formality. Actually it's not formal at all, just not a trattoria. I haven't been since the younger brother, Valerio, took over the management, and I know he was adding more grandmother recipes and emphasizing the creativity less, but grandmother is the famous Paola Di Mauro, founder of the Colle Picchioni winery in Marino in the Castelli Romani.

          Piperno would do too, probably more expensive and formal, but as I said, something to experience at least once. I'll have to try Trilussa. I used to go there decades ago but then it became sort of a tourist trap. It evidently has a new lease on life.

          In any case, the Ghetto is very convenient to Trastevere. We dislike such Ghetto favorites as Giggetto, Al Pompiere, Vecchia Roma, and Sora Lella, though Vecchia Roma (beautiful spot, open Sunday evening) sometimes fills a need.

          1. re: mbfant

            ok so now i'm thinking between Il Sanpietrino, Piperno, and Antico Arco. at this point might be wherever i can get a reservation-but still, any ideas between these?

            1. re: hungry1234

              You'll probably find space at all three. Antico Arco will be the liveliest and most modern and youthful. Piperno will be the most grown up. Sanpietrino will be a good compromise. If I were 23 and it was my birthday, I'd pick Antico Arco.

              1. re: mbfant

                Four of us were at Antico Arco about a month ago for my sister's birthday dinner. If you do go there, make sure one of you (at least) orders the risotto with castelmagno cheese as one of your primi. It comes with a little pitcher of vino cotto on the side. Truly delicious. I am hard pressed to think that I've had a better risotto anywhere.

                1. re: NWPeter

                  I agree with this- the birthday girl in my group ordered it, and they even brought out a small plate for the rest of us to try as well! One of the most intense risotti, certainly, I've ever tasted!

                  1. re: NWPeter

                    We actually make vino cotto and are wondering if you can further describe the taste and ingredients used in this particular risotto dish. It sounds delicious! We're always looking for new recipes that include vino cotto. I posted a few recipes in Chow for you to try!