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Dec 5, 2007 08:39 AM

Russian/Ukraine specialties for Christmas

Hi...this Christmas, we will be hosting my husband's family, which includes his brother's wife and their kids, imported from Ukraine. Am thinking it would be a nice gesture, among the American Christmas foods, to have some more familiar fare on the table. Pierogi? Babka? Anyone with any thoughts and sources either in NYC or Central NJ? Many thanks in advance.

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  1. bump...because I am desperate :)

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      In Englishtown, they have a pierogie place. But pickings are slim in NJ.

      I would write this in the Manhattan and Outer Boroughs boards to get expert advice.

    2. On Rt 9 south in Old Bridge is a gas station from an off brand of gas and behind the station is a building only called "International Food".

      They have some of the best Russian take-out I have ever had, and you will find everything you could want there. It is about 2 miles south of the Outback but on the other side of the road.

      1. European Provisions on the Old Bridge Turnpike in E. Brunswick and another Kolbasa shop on Bordentown Rd. in Old Bridge have excellant Kolbasi and European Provisions has lots of pierogies and babka etc. Royal Bakery on Main St. in Sayreville has a lot of Polish goodies.
        All three places are within a few miles of each other. You can get off the Parkway in Sayreville and make a circle to all 3.

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          The "other" kielbasa shop is Continental Home Made Provisions, technically on Main St., in the Old Bridge section of East Brunswick. Both it and European Home Made Provisions (the similarity of the two names sure implies *something*) are primarily Polish, of course, so it may take an expert to decide if the food, despite the geographical closeness, is appropriate. Also, in South River proper on Main St. another Polish deli opened a few years ago, and I've heard of a new Polish restaurant, too, but haven't been down there in years.

          1. re: JessKidden

            There is also a Polish Bakery bakery on lower main street as well and a liquor store just off main(Oscars?), just across from the post office, has a good selection of Polish and Russian beers.

        2. also, in east brunswick there is a Russian Store (that my grandmother's Ukrainian nurse shopped at for specialty items like cakes & candies) it is in the Village Green Shopping center by the vitamin shoppe, also some liquor stores will carry Russian Wines