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Dec 5, 2007 08:23 AM

Indian restaurant near Giant Yardley/Newtown?

Has anyone heard rumors of a new Indian restaurant opening near a Giant in either Yardley or Newtown? Perhaps re-locating from Langhorne? Any recommendations for Indian in the area? I don't particularly like Desai Village, have recently been disappointed at Palace of Asia (they've changed their menu slightly and it's lost something). I'm about to take the hike in to Philadelphia to go to Tiffin (not looking for lunch buffets, but for sit down meals).

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  1. I've lived in Newtown for over a year now and I don't think we have a Giant.

    I've been meaning to try this Indian place in Newtown called Sitas Indian Cuisine at 49 Cambridge Lane but haven't made it over there yet. I read a good review awhile back, but I can no longer access it online.

    Edit to add - I forgot to mention, I was walking through Doylestown recently and noticed at Cross Culture had opened a location there. I've only been to their Peddler's Village location but it was truly a fantastic Indian restaurant. We chatted with the owners when we were there awhile ago (right after they opened) and they were very passionate about their cooking.

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      Yes, there is a Indian restaurant going in next to the Giant on Stony Brook Road in Yardley(Behind McCaffreys). It's a few stores down from A Little Dragon Chinese restaurant. Hopefully it's gonna be good.

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        Sita's (now called MV Tandoor or possibly My Tandoor) is very good and reliable. Not amazing but you won't go home sad. Desi Village used to be magnificent but now it's just pretty good. I think the new owners are Tibetan or at least that's what I think they look like. I still frequent them out of nostalgia. That awful place in Langhorne closed that was right at 413 and 213. Some people love Udippi Dosa and Tandoor Dosa and Grill which are in Bensalem and the Northeast, altho I think they're bland (especially Udippi). Tiffin is very fresh and original, but won't blow you away with delicate spicing the way that Desi Village did when it first opened. Used to be a fantastic video store near the Giant... nice when it gets replaced with an Indian restaurant instead of a nail salon.

      2. YES!!! It is called Indian Garden. It is in the Giant shopping center in Yardley, off of Stoney Hill Road. It is very good. My husband and I enjoy this location probably once a week. It is one of those place where we know we will have a good meal, it is close, and reasonable in price. How can you beat that!! :)

        1. We ate dinner at Indian Garden near Yardley 1/3/2009, and the food was great and the service was good !
          Bill came to $20/person with appetizer, entree, drink, tip.

          1. Yep, I can confirm the good opinions of Indian Garden. We've eaten there a few times and really like it. You can take out anything on the menu, too!

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              I've eaten at Indian Garden for the lunch buffet several times now. I'm glad it's there, as I live in Yardley and my Indian food craving can't always be sated by Kitchens of India or Tasty Bite packets, but it can't be entirely satisfied by Indian Garden either. The food is fresh and tasty, yes, but the spicing is the most timid I have ever encountered. They don't put out spicy chutneys or relishes on the buffet either. I'm not a lover of great heat, but complex and delicate spicing is what makes good Indian food some of the best in the world. What a difference from a recent lunch at Aman Indian Cuisine in the Norristown area! Dinner may well be different, but no one else in my family likes Indian food, so, alas, all I can do is sneak in an occasional lunch.

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                We go frequently for dinner, as I have posted above. If you ever order a dish for lunch or take out, you can specify the spice. We always order Hot or Indian Hot. It really steps up the flavor and the heat.
                Enjoy :)