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Dec 5, 2007 08:16 AM

Can I substitute a springform pan for a tart pan?

I want to make a tart this weekend, but don't have a tart pan. Can I substitute a springform pan with ok results?

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  1. I think a springform pan would be too deep, not sure how you'd blind bake and keep the pastry from sliding down the sides, and if you weren't blind baking I don't think the pastry would brown well.

    1. I've made butter crust tart shells and baked them in a low rim spring form pan and it worked really well. I've made baked apple tarts this way also and it worked very good but my pan only had about a 1 inch rim.

      1. I bake quiches in a springform pan, they come out beautifully. I don't blind bake, and I use a pate brisee with an egg in it. For sweet pies and tarts, and I wnat it sweet, I add sugar. My favorite crust. Maybe not for everyone but it is the one I love.

        I'm going to add, that I think it is totally a matter of the dough you use. Some might remain doughy and a blind bake necessary, where perhaps another pastry would not.

        1. The fact that it's a springform is irrelevant, as long as the tart isn't sitting thinly at the bottom of a deep pan. I've never tried something like that so I don't know for sure, but I'd think it would bake a little funny though you could probably account for it

          If you are blind-baking the shell, you can also use the * bottom * of a cake, pie, baking pan, etc - anything with a size/shape acceptable to you, and do it all upside down with the sides of the tart shell hanging folded against the pan's side. It's a little different, but it works - don't overcook.