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Delis for Burek, etc., Cevapici, Lukmici ( Macedonian Leek Sausage )

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Where do you get your best deli take out of Eastern European products. Burek is spelled differently and made differently in many countries. I know I can get Macedonian sausage at the St. Lawrence Market. Cevapici might be found in locations where the deli has homemade!! What & Where are your best locations for variety, quality, quantity of products or products we may not know about. Of interest the many countries from Slovenian, Bosnian, Swerb, Croatian, Macedonian, Russian, etc.

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  1. I haven't tried a lot of burek, but there is a Serbian deli on Scarlett Rd., about a kilometre north of Eglinton on the west side. They make their own burek--potato, spinach, meat, cheese, I think. They are always fresh, sometimes warm, and delicious. $5 each.

    1. I drive by a little place called Karlovo in a tiny strip mall in East York all the time. It says 'Balkan' and 'smoked sausages' on its sign. My curiosity is piqued every time I go by, but then I forget about it and have never been in so can't vouch for quality, etc

      Did a little research and their website says -
      " traditional Bulgarian, Polish, Ukrainian, Serbian, Macedonian meat products and deli....

      .... product list includes a wide variety of traditional Bulgarian meat deli, well-known in Bulgaria for centuries (lukanki, sudguk, karnacheta, meatballs, sazdarma, semi-manufactured pork type "Kaiser", pastarma, shpekov salami,chicken and pork wurst,
      smoked sausages, hams, smoked chickens). We offer also traditional Bulgarian feta cheese and yellow cheese, variety of typical Bulgarian products like pepper-tomatoes relish (luteniza), honey, jams and other products, imported from Bulgaria."

      They also have a location on Lakeshore in Etobicoke.

      469 Cosburn Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

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        karlovo is excellent. i have bought deli meat and sausage there....all have been great, my kids especially liked the sausage as it has fairly mild and unique flavour. the staff are super eager to explain everything if you are unfarmiliar with what they sell.

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          I agree, Karlovo's meats are excellent. They also have bourek - frozen that you can bake at home. I believe that they have fresh-baked bourek on Saturdays (call to check though). Very nice service too.

      2. Stari Grad is a Serbian grocery/deli
        They have cooked and frozen burek.

        Royal Meat at 3635 Cawthra Rd. has fresh cevapi and they have an informal restaurant on Kipling and North Queen in Etobicoke serving all kinds of grilled meat.

        A really good place for burek is Jasmina's in Parkdale. It's on Queen St W and Sorauren.

        1. Highland Farms has many Balkan foods. They have a cult following for their fresh veal sausage, a huge pinwheel in the display case.

          1. You can always try Mak Deli on Lawerence, West of Victoria Park (b/w Vic Park & the DVP). Personally, I find the Massey sausages at the St.Lawrence market a little tame (you are referring to the Sausage King right?). www.makdeli.com

            jayt90 is right that Highland farms does sell them, but like a lot of grocers nowadays, they stock as per the local community demand. By that I mean you will find Massey sausage at the Highland Farms on Ellesmere in Scaraborough, but you will not find them at the HF on Rutherford Rd in Woodbridge.

            There also used to be a Serbian place just off of Sheppard, East of the DVP/404 called Mercator (I think) that apparently sold really good burek, but I heard that they recently were bought out by some Romanians.

            The is supposed to be another little deli near the Northwest corner of Ellesmere & Kennedy. I think that the name was Baba's Place, but I could be wrong.

            Finally, you could always try Starsky Foods in Etobicoke, just off of Dundas, West of the 427. It is predominantly Polish/Russian fare, but it is awesome. They have Radenska water in 500ml bottles...awesome. www.starskycanada.com

            1. Thanks some great info and help here, very much appreciated as time will be saved when I am in various areas. Terrific!!!!!!

              1. The Etobicoke Karlovo is on the south side of Lakeshore just east of Brown's Line.

                Also a bunch of Polish delis at the corner of Dixie & Burnhamthorpe in Mississauga with lots of stuff. It's my 'go to' place for sour cabbage (pickled in salted water)

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                  I recently found a great new place, Market Jolly at 326 Marlee Ave - south of Glencairn. They have great cevapi - we BBQ'd them last night for a family dinner party. The bourek is excellent. I've tried some of the prepared foods too (eg stuffed peppers, moussaka), which were very good and great for when you're too busy to make dinner! The selection varies and I believe they have more on week ends. They also have all the other typical eastern european deli fare, cured meats, dry goods, kajmak, fresh breads (also lepinje) and pastries.

                  The space is large and bright, and the service is very nice. It's definitely my new go-to place for east european food!

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                    I couldn't agree more about Starsky's - it has become a regular stop for us. You can even get them to split a loaf of bread!

                    Every week they have a couple of the cheeses on sales at very low prices and I have tried Radamer and Edamski - perfect simple cheeses for a Polish ham & cheese sandwich on one of those twisted Polish rolls. The deli samples are amazing - there are always many trays of large chunks of sausage pieces top the deli counters.

                    The Chelton tea is very good and we look for it to come on sale.

                    We have even been buying fresh fish there lately - pricey but top quality.

                    I have become very fond of the Wolanski pickled red cabbage salad. Great to serve with barbecue right out of the jar.

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                    Speaking of Polish delis, I went into Starsky's on Dundas St. W. in Oakville yesterday for the first time. I think there's also a location on Dundas St. in Mississauga.

                    What a gorgeous place with an incredible assortment of cheeses, meats, prepared foods, baked goods (the paczki or doughnuts were probably some of the best I've had) and perogies, perogies, perogies and more perogies.

                    You can buy by weight sour cabbage, pickles (half & full sours), pickled tomatoes, herrings, matjas - just like the supermarkets I visited in Poland (yes like every good Chowhounder I make it a point to go to local supermarkets in the countries I visit and Poland has some of the best I've seen)

                  3. You might want to check out Yummy Market on Dufferin, between Sheppard and Finch (in the Canadian Tire Plaza). They have a deli with meats, cheeses, and prepared foods, a bakery, and lots of Eastern European products that are hard to find elsewhere. It is quite large, clean, and has reasonable prices.

                    Here is a recent thread on the store: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/611447

                    Yummy Market
                    4400 Dufferin Street North York ON

                    1. Royal BBQ in Etobicoke (Kipling & Jutland, as well as their butcher-shop storefront)

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                        drive by there often. Didn't know they had a butcher retail area. Will check it out next time for take-home sausages.

                      2. For Cevaps and other meat delicacies, why not try the manufacturer in Ajax? D & S Meat/ Elite Meat on Clements Rd has a small retail outlet which is also open Saturdays during BBQ season. Try their steaks, probably the best ones you can buy. Their web site is www.elitemeat.ca

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                          Thanks for the link; I'll visit soon. Hope they have dry aged steak as well as sausage.

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                            It's not too far from me, I'll have to check it out as well. Thanks for pointing them out!

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                              Not sure about their other items, but I don't find D&S cevaps to be very good. I just find them kind of bland.

                            2. Mrakovic Meat &Deli on 44 WELLESWORTH DR etobicoke. - Bosnian

                              1. Thanks to all who posted, my original posting quite some time ago. Previously I had been to D&S Meats in Ajax when I had to go to Oshawa, Starsky's, Karlovo on Lakeshore West. From this posting was at Mak's, just fairly normal items, the Serbian deli on Scarlett, very small, got to Royal Meat on Kipling for one of their huge hamburgers, ok but not unique toppings, etc. Seems easier and fresher to continue old haunts at St. Lawrence Market, Jane & Bloor area, and Roncesvalles!!!!!

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                                  One that I didn't see listed was Bosnian Cevap & Burek. It is in the Junction, just East of Dundas & Runnymede. The cevap & burek are made on the premises. In fact, I have watched them make the burek from scratch (stretching and rolling out the dough, no store bought phyllo here).

                                  The owners are very nice. It is more of a cafe/restaurant, but you can buy their cevaps frozen and take them home to grill. As for the burek, they have different varieties, but it depends on what they make that day, although they always seem to have cheese burek.

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                                    I have bought both Cevap and Burek here several times although I haven't got there for quite a few months now. Will get there next week or so as I expect to be in the area.

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                                      i love their cevaps.....

                                      they did a minor renovation recently and now there is much more space to sit and wait/eat.

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                                        I really wish that their hours were better. I haven't been in some time. Mostly, because I tend to get there just as or just after they have closed.