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House of Pita on 46th St closed?

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Just heard a rumor that the (new) House of Pita on 46th St btwn 5th & 6th Ave closed? Does anyone know if this is true? Anyone know why they closed?

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  1. Yes, they are closed, in fact just passed by there and they were hauling away the oven!

    1. They have reopened on 8th avenue ( 607 8th avenue) next to the Port Authority. The phone # is the same, 212 391-4242, the management & ownership is also the same. They have changed their menu to Shawarma. They still carry all the same salads and bourakus less the cheese. They are no longer dairy.

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        different hecksher also.

      2. Pretty poor hechsher too it seems, same one as Fine and Shapiro and 2nd avenue deli. Passed by their new place, real dirty and scummy looking...