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Dec 5, 2007 07:25 AM

Need to find chocolates for my Dad...

My dad loves Godiva chocolates, but I would like to get him some that you can only get here (or at least isn't so mass brand). Any ideas? I got him Jacques Torres last year and I think he prefers the Godiva style more...

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  1. you could always try la maison du chocolat. i think there is one near rockefeller center. haven't tried the ones in ny, but the chocolate i had from their store in paris was to die for. you could also try max brenner: chocolate by the bald man which is alright, not amazing,

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      1. re: TBird

        Neuhuaus is a good suggestion - similar to Godiva, but better. Another option is Leonidas.
        My favorite chocolates in the city are Maison du Chocolat and Debauve & Gallais - but they are not similar to Godiva.

      2. I suggest checking out Evelyn's Chocolates, on John Street. Not the fanciest, but delicious hand-dipped chocolates and a wide variety of interesting types.

        1. My absolutely favorite chocolates in the whole, wide world are at Kee's Chocolates at 80 Thompson Street in SoHo. Beautiful packaging, too. They have a website.

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            Kees is the best - amazing hand made chocolates - order early she even shuts the store down for days at a time during the holidays to fill orders!

          2. Kee Chocolatier in SoHo is definitely amazing. Their truffle flavors are both exotic and classic. Everything is made fresh.