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Need to find chocolates for my Dad...

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My dad loves Godiva chocolates, but I would like to get him some that you can only get here (or at least isn't so mass brand). Any ideas? I got him Jacques Torres last year and I think he prefers the Godiva style more...

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  1. you could always try la maison du chocolat. i think there is one near rockefeller center. haven't tried the ones in ny, but the chocolate i had from their store in paris was to die for. you could also try max brenner: chocolate by the bald man which is alright, not amazing,

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        Neuhuaus is a good suggestion - similar to Godiva, but better. Another option is Leonidas.
        My favorite chocolates in the city are Maison du Chocolat and Debauve & Gallais - but they are not similar to Godiva.

      2. I suggest checking out Evelyn's Chocolates, on John Street. Not the fanciest, but delicious hand-dipped chocolates and a wide variety of interesting types.

        1. My absolutely favorite chocolates in the whole, wide world are at Kee's Chocolates at 80 Thompson Street in SoHo. Beautiful packaging, too. They have a website.

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            Kees is the best - amazing hand made chocolates - order early she even shuts the store down for days at a time during the holidays to fill orders!

          2. Kee Chocolatier in SoHo is definitely amazing. Their truffle flavors are both exotic and classic. Everything is made fresh. keeschocolates.com

            1. The champagne truffles from Teuscher!