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Dec 5, 2007 07:23 AM

chanukah gifts for kids

I've been invited to a chanukah party and wanted to bring some goodies for about 10 kids. I was thinking along the lines of those fancy gingerbread cookies. Anybody know a good spot to get them? Or any other ideas would be welcome. I was hoping to find something new and exciting....many thanks.

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  1. I'm not sure if they still have them but near Bathurst and Eglinton, there's a store called "Loots". A few years ago, I made loot bags for the kids at our family's Channukah party. There's also Israel's Judaica a few doors away and they sell lots of Channukah related items (including cute bags of Channukah gelt with Sponge Bob and others on them) so you might be able to combine items. You could also check out Health Bread bakery while you're in the area for freshly baked items.

    1. Depends where you want to go shopping for these goodies. Unless these people are Kosher, you have lots of possibilities. I suggest you look at http://sweetpleasure.blogspot.com/200...
      Please let me know if you found what you wanted.
      Otherwise, Loots is a good suggestion. Mastermind is a wonderful store but I suppose it would be hard to find something for 10 kids that does not cost too much.

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          The problem with the loot bag is that I have no idea the ages of these kids, and didn't want to spend too much money. I want something that will appeal to all of them so I think the cookies idea is the best bet. I just called Queen of Tarts and it sounds like they have some interesting ones. I will check them out. Pusateri's usually has some cute ones which are probably supplied by Dufflet??

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            At The Promenade Shopping Centre, on the main floor, next to where Santa Claus seats and next to open windows selling ice cream etc. there is a store that sells muffins and - most important - gingerbreads with buttons made of Smarties of different colors. My grandson loves them. That's all I can say, except that the button goes first.

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              What A Bagel (Eglinton, south side west of Bathurst) has decorated cookies with Chanukah themes...don't know how they taste but they are cute .....I'm sure all of their branches must have them but I just saw these on Eglinton yesterday. Loots probably has 'chanukah bags' for wrapping as well..........

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                If you need kosher Chanukah cookies, I would highly recommend Grodzinski's on Bathurst between Lawrence and Wilson. They close early on Friday and are closed on Saturday and are open early on Sunday morning. If they don't have to be strictly kosher, you could go to the Harbord Bakery. I would make a bag with the cookies and some packs of Chocolate Chanukah coins. You can buy a big box of the chocolate coins (more cost effective) at any grocery store or Shoppers Drug Mart in a Jewish area (ie Bathurst street corridor). Harbord also sells them loose.

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                  Two locations: 3437 Bathurst Street, North York - (416) 789-0785 and1118 Centre Street, Thornhill - (905) 882-1350

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                The name of the store is mmmMuffins.

        2. If they're not kosher All the Best has some beautifully decorated chanukah g-bread, they'll even make a chanukah themed g-bread house with a week's notice.

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            They're not kosher and that sounds perfect cheesymama! I am going to call All the Best ahead of time because I need about 12, wanna be sure they have enough. I was there last weekend and the place was a zoo!!! Thanks again for all the tips everyone.

          2. Milly I wish you tell us what you finally gave those kids. Did they like it? Am I too nosy?

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              Hi lamaranthe, I ended up going to All the Best and picked up some lovely gingerbread cookies in the shapes of stars and dreidels. They did a great job on the icing. The party is actually this Sunday so I've not given them out as yet but I'm pretty sure they'll be a big hit. And with the bad weather coming, I may have to eat them myself. I have had one and they are deelish!!!