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Dec 5, 2007 07:05 AM

Balducci's makes an oopsie

Honestly, one would think that a store like Balducci's would know better than this, but this is absolutely one of the most glaring cultural mistakes I've seen since a flyer from Shaw's (the New England supermarket chain) that juxtaposed a "Happy Ramadan!" banner next to a sale on boneless pork loin:

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  1. Based on the top portion of the sign -- those are latkes, right? -- I'm guessing some disinterested, barely paying attention, underpaid employee just passed the blank signs through the printing machine without thought to their appropriateness.

    Good catch, though.

    1. Love it! When I worked for a distributor, as a right-of-passage for a new employee, we would have clients ask him/her, "is the proscuitto kosher?" I would say, probably no one ever knew the answer on the first try.

      1. My cousin e-mailed that one to me yesterday. I don't usually pass along "humorous" e-mails but I was laughing so hard I had to send that along to a bunch of friends.

        I would expect a brainless move like that down here in the South, but not in NY.

        1. This one's been making the circuit...My son-in-law sent it to me the other day and to the rest of our clan as well...anyway: Happy Hanukkah!

          1. Priceless.

            And as long as you are eating ham for Hanukkah, might as well have some sour cream on the lat-kees next to it (jfood is an apple sauce on lat-kee person, not sour cream, which is for blintzes).

            BTW - although jfood thinks it's clueless on the part of the store to do this, there are many of us Jews that do not observe the full dietary restrictions of pork, et. al. Similar to giving one-day only coupons for fish sticks on lent. Note to store - please wake up.