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Dec 5, 2007 07:03 AM

Free food at HH's

What restaurants have free food happy hours 9or otherwise)? I know Ella's no longer has free pizza HHs.

La tasca has free paella fridays at 6pm, m-f.

bailey's in the ballston mall has a free food station weds at 6pm. I wrote about it on

I think bamboule (sp?) in friendship hts has a free appetizer or something on happy hours. Any others?

Art openings have free food. any good resource for that?


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  1. LOVE this topic. Nothing I can think of (other than Ella's, which as mentioned above no longer does free pizza), but keep 'em coming!

    1. Vidalia's Tuesday wine tastings are usually accompanied by appetizers at the bar.

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        Thanks. Apparently Bistro Lepic has free wine tastings tuesdays too.

        Can you guys recommend some good free wine tastings. I like ones that are kind of happy hour ish (not just a few ppl) and have free munchies if possible. And, yeah...first fridays artwalk in dupont counts. :)

      2. Birches in Canton has a free taco bar Monday nights (might only be through football season though) and $2 drafts.

        Kooper's in Fells Point has a free buffet on Fridays 4-7.

        Mick O'Shea's in Mount Vernon also has a free buffet Fridays 4-7.

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          Taco Fiesta in Harbor East has a free buffet on Fridays.

        2. I believe that Town and Country at the Mayflower Hotel has free food from 5-7. I don't think there are drink specials during happy hour and drinks are fairly expensive, but last time I was there (granted it was over a year ago), they had a decent spread, including ravioli.

          1. BTW, check out, a happy hour event list. I found the anniversarry party of vegetate there and got some free apps. :)