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Dec 5, 2007 06:54 AM

Chopped Liver

Please folks, I need some help. I'm 39 weeks pregnant and having a mad craving. I am desperately in need of some kosher-style (kosher isn't necessary, but it has to be made with shmaltz) chopped liver.

You know, the kind you used to be able to get at any decent Jewish deli.

I'm in the South Suburbs, and since Fresser's closed (years ago, I know) I don't have a source any more.

Anyone have any ideas at all?

I don't want to have to drive all the way up to Skokie, especially with this weather.

Heck, you can't even get the ingredients to make it in the South Suburbs any more without special ordering in advance.

Any advice would be much appreciated. So, let me know where I can find good chopped liver, and I'll manage to get it somehow. (anyone have a magic carpet while I'm asking?)


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  1. If downtown is an option two suggestions: Manny's and Carson's.

    Although I'm not a fan of the ribs, the chopped liver at Carson's is some of the best I've had, they sell it at the restaurant but a call might be in order for you.

    Crason's River North
    612 N. Wells St
    Chicago, IL 60610
    (312) 280-9200

    Manny's Cofffe Shop & Deli -
    1141 S. Jefferson
    Chicago, IL 60607

    Manny's is also in Midway Airport,Concourse A (773) 948-6300. But I doubt you can in without a ticket! Maybe if you called ahead with your story they could smuggle out some of that chopped liver...

    1. It is a bit far for you but the best Chopped Liver I have had is from Romanian Kosher Suasage Company - dense, creamy and rich - also while you are there pick up some of their deli products - some of the best in the city

      Romanian Kosher Sausage Co
      7200 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60626

      1. I live in the southwest suburbs and often get a craving for chopped liver, like the homemade liver my grandma used to make. I have enjoyed the chopped liver at Kaufmanns, Manny's, Carson's, and Roumanian Kosher, and they are all very good, but my favorite is at the Best Kosher Factory on the southside on Pershing just west of the Dan Ryan. They also have fabulous Corned Beef, Pastrami, and Polish Sausages at about half the price of any kosher-style deli in the Chicago metro area. Run, don't walk to this Chicago jewel.

        1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

          I wound up just begging my mom for help and she pulled out the food processor and we made it together.

          Really satisfied.

          This area really needs a good deli!

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          1. re: tzurriz

            You did the right thing.

            I've never -- in any city -- had great chopped liver in a restaurant or deli. Glad you satisfied that craving.