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Dec 5, 2007 06:48 AM

Baur's Ristorante in Victory Amer Grill Space

We drove past a shiny new Ristorante sign on the former Victory American Grill space last night when leaving the DCPA. Turns out to be a renaissance of Baur's Restaurant with a Mediterranean twist. Haven't been there. Don't know the prices. But it's another downtown option. It's at 1514 Curtis Street.

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  1. I guess the owner was also the founder of Quiznos. Its not a bad location and a beautiful building. According to an RMN article it is named after a candy shop and restaurant that closed down 40 years ago.

    I don't really get it- its apparently an Italian themed restaurant with a somewhat German sounding name, named after a candy/soda shop that closed down 40 years ago that probaly 80% of the people in denver have never heard of? I wish them luck but it just seems odd to me.

    It is also a little confusing since there is also a Brauns bar and grill near the Pepsi Center. I guess the names are diffrent enough though.

    1. At Baur's for lunch yesterday (12/17/07)--sorry to report that it was inexcusably bad. The "chicken club sandwich" (at $9 not cheap) was two slices of stale (almost inedibly so) bread, a chunk of dry chicken, a strip of bacon (the only good thing about this), and a postage-stamp (literally) sized piece of lettuce. I couldn't complain because I was being treated by a business associate--otherwise I would have politely objected to such a poor product. I noticed that my companion ate little of her huge, greasy burger. Very disappointing, I'm sorry to say, for the bearer of this fine old Denver name.


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        "Huge, greasy burger" sounds promising to me. :-) Maybe we just need to give them time to settle in and figure out what they want to be.

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          At least at dinner, I think they probably "want" to be Italian or Mediterranean, or why else would they call themselves a "ristorante"? I