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Dec 5, 2007 06:47 AM

Boiled Peanuts- question

first off, yum, never had them before now. If you're not from the south & never had them, do try, quite addictive! My husband lived in GA for a bit & has been missing these. When I saw how easy they are to make I gave it a whirl. And since time consuming I subbed the slow cooker rather than the stove & worked perfectly.

here's my question for those familiar...the "recipe" stated keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 days... why only 3 days, not longer??? they are just peanuts- what can happen if longer?

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  1. They start to rot or something. The boiled peanuts I buy only last a few days in the fridge. They start to get slimy and have a foul smell after a few days so you really can tell that it's gone bad.

    1. I'd be very interested in your slow cooker method! My mom used to make Chinese boiled peanuts (which I think are like southern peanuts, but with the addition of five spice) and I loved them. I don't like them mushy, though, just soft with a light crunch.

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        I would love to learn how to make both versions, the traditional Southern and the Chinese traditional five-spice. We have ordered the pre-cooked traditional Southern on-line from the Lee Bros. They are excellent, a great gift, and hold-up quite well, but shipping costs add up and it is time to experiment at home. Thanks in advance for any recipes.

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          All you do is soak the dried RAW peanuts (2lbs) in water for 24 hrs in a large pot (use a plate to weigh them down under water). Rinse & place in boiling water in a large stock pot with 1/2-2/3 cup of salt. When water boils reduce to med-low flame & cook covered for about 6 hours- replacing water if needed. Let stand 1 hour. However, I couldn't stay home for 6 hours, so I just put them in the slow cooker although about 8-10 hours on low & worked great! I suppose just sub chinese spice for salt.

          If you don't like mushy, just test them along the way. I had never had them, so I had my husband tell me when to stop cooking to his liking. He was about to order them from Margaret Holmes until I saw how overpriced for something so simple.

          My next trial...boiled peanut hummus! I'll report back after I go pick up more nuts.

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            I would really like to try making these for my Mom! She is from the South, and everytime we go to visit my Mamaw in Mississippi or go to Lousiana, she stocks up on boiled peanuts! We can't get them here in Kansas, unfortunately.

      2. I just bought some salted & peppered ones from Trader Joes. They are great! Did not know about the rotting issue - will definitely throw them in the fridge! Thanks!

        1. You can freeze them, they are fine thawed!!!