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Dec 5, 2007 06:38 AM

where to take dad out for a nice dinner?

my dad is flying in next week and we'll have two nights to eat out.
i want it to be a special place with exceptional food...
any suggestions?

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  1. What does he like? What do you like? What part of the city?

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    1. re: Spiritchaser

      we both like any type of food. midtown and downtown would be better, but it really doesn't matter.
      actually, do you have any good seafood recommendations?
      we've been to balthazar, sumile sushi, spice market, and po the last times he's been in town.

      1. re: stellamaris87

        I've been touting Aquavit for the last week because of a recent wonderful experience. Not just seafood but the fish they do have was fantastic. A nice sedate dining room. If you consider it make sure you opt for the dining room (the cafe is not as special).

          1. re: stellamaris87

            Blue Ribbon Bakery has great raw bar options. I also love Lure Fishbar for seafood in general.

        1. for starters you could definitely try grammercy tavern, haven't been since michael anthony took over, but it has received exceptional reviews. a voce is also really good. haven't been to falai in a while but it was great when i was last there. also try looking into hearth. hope this helps!

          1. lure fishbar could be a good option. i like the atmosphere/decor a lot. blue water grill in union square is another good option.

            1. kind of old school but my dad and i like going to keens together for steak. he also likes blue ribbon bakery a lot.