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Dec 5, 2007 06:28 AM

Oyster Bar in Grand Central--whadd'ya think?

I am meeting a out of town friend at the Cambell Apartment for drinks and thought, what would be more NYC than a great early dinner at the Oyster bar? I've been to the Oyster bar for lunch many times but not recently--never for dinner. The recent reviews are all very disappointing. What are your thoughts ChowHound folk?

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  1. the food is subpar and overpriced. the pan roasts are decent at best.

    1. Its definitely good for atmosphere, but can be very loud....and i would agree that its go for he experience

      1. Me third for being way overpriced. I remember the food being very good, but hardly worth the $$$$.

        1. Pricey and putrid; a damn shame, too. Even the Manhattan clam chowder sucks, which you'd think would be the one thing they got right. I went back 3 times after my initial horrible experience because I work in the area and I desperately WANTED it to be good. It's not. Probably they are dependent on a never-ending stream of first-time customers.

          1. You can dig up better shellfish from the Gowanus Canal.