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Dec 5, 2007 06:27 AM

Goat's Milk in Raleigh or the triangle?

Hi! I am making dulche de leche as a Christmas gift this year and the recipe says for a more complex taste to use goat's milk. Has anyone seen goat's milk around? I have made the recipe with cow's milk in the past with very good results but would like to branch out a little this year.


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  1. I bet you could get some at one of the local farmer's markets. I know there is a goat cheese man in the permanent building at the State Farmer's market in Raleigh - he sells goat cheese, meat and other goat products, maybe including milk - if he doesn't sell milk every day, I bet he would fill a special order. You could also call Celebrity Dairy and ask if they have any retail outlets for goat milk.

    1. Whole Foods Raleigh has quarts of goat's milk.

      1. thanks to both. i will check the farmer's market and use whole foods as a back up!

        1. If you don't mind canned (and why not? Most homemade dulce de leche is made from canned milk) Harris Teeter has canned goat milk shelved in the same area as the condensed and evaporated milks. Can't speak to the quality, though.

          1. there is definately canned goats milk in most of the supermarkets, and def, at whole foods...