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Dec 5, 2007 06:08 AM

Dinner in Downtown STL

I am going to be in St Louis in a few weeks for the Rams/Packers game and would like suggestions on where to eat downtown. Preferably walkable from the Renaissance hotel. Thanks for the help!

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  1. No need to leave your hotel. Larry Forgione's An American Place is a St. Louis gem and is in the old lobby, a wonderful room, and one of St. Louis's top restaurants. They have an early bird special called a Market Menu.

    At the opposite end of the price spectrum is Cafe Breve, on 10th Street just south of Washington - a coffeehouse that does noteworthy sandwiches.

    1. Is this a Sunday dinner, or Saturday night? There's a big difference in what's available each night. But if you are looking for high end dining, An American Place is the way to go.

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        It'll be Saturday night. Any other options?

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          Washington Ave. is a great place to be if you want to walk to dinner. Aside from AAP, there's a very good tapas-style place called Mosiac. I've had a pretty good meal at Lucas Park Grille as well. There's a Irish pub called The Dubliner that has pretty good food as well.

          What you really need to do is get to Rooster at 1104 Locust on Sunday morning for breakfast, and make sure you get something with sausage in it. It's fantastic.

      2. Another option is Kemoll's, a traditional Italian that's well done, with professional service in a nice setting. American Place is very good as well. Niche(a little further south is aslo excellent)