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Dec 5, 2007 05:35 AM

What to do with somewhat dry frozen focaccia?

I made a walnut focaccia that I decided not to serve for a dinner party because it came out a tad dry. I froze it because I couldn't bare to throw it out after all the hard work. Any suggestions of what I can do with it other than make bread crumbs?

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  1. How about bread pudding? The walnuts will make it extra-special, and maybe add some cinnamon to your custard, along with vanilla. A bourbon sauce (I keep it simple, just stirring brown sugar into melted butter, deglazing with splash of bourbon and cooking for a minute or so) would be very nice on top.

    1. maybe pizza base ?
      topped with tomato sauce cheese,etc...
      you won't notice dryness of bread (probably...)

      panini ? something wet ingredients helps not notice dryness, I guess

      1. If you make bread pudding, I'd go for a savory one. Maybe a crouton float on a soup similar to the way they serve French Onion. Maybe use a roasted tomato soup in a small crock, put the focaccia crouton on top, sprinkle with some provolone and broil it until the cheese melts and starts to get a little color.

        1. Yes GREAT IDEAS! I actually have TWO dry loaves (recipe made two) so I will try a few of these.

          1. I was thinking of a breakfast strata (since it seems like a savory foccacia) where you layer bread with cheese and ham and then pour an egg mixture over it. I guess it's like a savory bread pudding...