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Dec 5, 2007 05:01 AM

Business District Lunches

I am finding myself tired of the usual haunts for good/very good lunches in the downtown core. There are a number of interesting new restaurants in walking distance from Bay and King, but a lot of them seem to be open for dinner only. Here are the usual haunts - tell me what I'm missing?

Canoe, Reds, Vertical, Rosewater, Biagio, Ki, Bymark, Beerbistro, Far Niente.

Places that I've been to but don't make the cut for regular lunching: Hy's, Keg, Acqua, Osgoode Hall, Jump, Soul of the Vine, Monsoon, Biff's.

Any ideas welcome for new haunts within walking distance of Bay & King.

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  1. Where are the number of interesting new restaurants? I don't know of any.
    Personally, I think that Vertical and Rosewater Supper Club should be added to the list of places that don't make the cut. I'd rather go to Biff's or Jump. Neither is fantastic, but they are reliable.

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    1. re: pescatarian

      It's true what you say about Vertical - it shouldn't be in the prime category - but I think Rosewater is underrated and I have always been happy with lunches there.

      The interesting new restaurants that have caught my eye are maybe not so new. Was thinking of Lucien and Colborne Lane (not clear if CL is open for lunch or not - website suggests yes; phone message says no).

      1. re: zepcom

        Yes, Colbourne Lane just recently opened for lunch.

    2. Seems like life is tough.

      Try Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar.

      If that doesn't work, try slumming it for a week, say where you can eat for less than 5 bucks. Those places might just regain their lustre.

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      1. *Stratus, top floor of TD Waterhouse Tower
        *Bardi's Steak House
        *Benihana Japanese Steakhouse
        *Victoria's Restaurant