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Dec 5, 2007 04:20 AM

Interesting Dish - Deep Fried Stuffed Avocado - Rivera's Severna Park

Last night, I was down at Rivera's Mexican restaurant in Severna Park (Benfield Blvd., just east of Jumpers Hole - same strip mall as the Chinese place and the Vietnamese restaurant/bakery), and found an interesting dish on the menu. I often find something I've not seen before on a menu, and I often find really good dishes on a menu, but I seldom find a really good dish that I'd not seen before. This is one.

It was a medium size avocado, peeled, halved, pitted, then stuffed with a crab-cake-sized portion of crab, batter dipped and deep fried. The avocado and the crab go well together, and the batter coating is thin, and properly fired so it's crisp, not greasy. It was really a pleasant surprise. The restaurant itself is probably not worth a long drive for, but that dish was interesting enough that I thought I'd mention it, both for anybody who lives nearby, and for the home cooks among us looking for interesting ideas for experimentation.

They also offer the same dish, substituting chicken (presumably shredded, as for enchilada or burrito filling) for the crab.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I live in that area and will give it a try.

    1. Question - were the avodaco halves put back together before frying? Any our seasonings/veg?

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        It was the two halves of the avocado and the crab in between. Picture a crab cake sandwich, with the bun replaced by the avocado halves, with the resulting ball then battered and fried, served on a the functional equivalent of a salad (lettuce, tomato chunks, shredded cheese) spread out over a dinner plate. I'm sure there are some seasonings, but whatever there is it's subtle, so as not to overpower the crab and avocado, both of which are fairly delicate flavors.

      2. I am so glad you ordered the stuffed avocado! I live nearby and Rivera's is one of our standbys for an easy weeknight meal when we just don't want to cook. Every time I consider the fried avocado, but chicken out. It sounded so interesting, but it seemed like it could be scary greasy pretty easily. I'll have to actually try it...

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          Anything else on the menu worth a mention, good or bad?

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            Thanks Warthog- I have not gone to Rivera's in a while and have found it pretty hit and miss in the past, so I will give it another try.

            1. re: galleycat

              Not particularly...I honestly can't even remember what I ordered last time I was there (last month), but I remember I left pleasantly full and pleased with my meal. Tasty, but nothing special if you are a fan of actual authentic mexican food. Guacamole was good, and comes in a giant portion. Margaritas were good. Prices are reasonable. Space is comfy and small, but usually not crowded. Service is very personal and friendly.

              That sounds lukewarm...but just because there isn't anything in particular that blew me away. But I've enjoyed every meal I've had there.

              1. re: galleycat

                My prior experience with the place is limited to when they used to have an "all you can eat beef tacos and enchiladas" special on some particular weeknight.

                In looking over the menu, it seemed to be mostly the usual tex-mex fare, with a few "for the kids" and "for the gringos" items. The place, though admittedly small, was empty all the time I was there, except for one carry-out order as I was walking in.

                That's in part why I posted - it doesn't seem to be the sort of place one would go out of one's way for, but that stuffed avocado thing was just unusual enough that I thought some folks might view it as reason to go to this place - if only to try that dish once.

                Don't get me wrong - I'm not claiming this stuffed avocado thing is an earth-shatteringly terrific dish. It's just a creative idea.

                Remember the first time you had "fried ice cream" (or the somewhat related "Baked Alaska", for an earlier generation) - back when it was still a new idea, and it wasn't served *everywhere*? This stuffed avocado thing evokes the same sort of "Sounds interesting - I've got to at least try it once" reaction. And like fried ice cream, it actually works pretty well - the thing actually tastes good, beyond just the novelty factor.

                But other than that, it's another strip mall Tex-Mex place - no better, no worse.