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Dec 5, 2007 04:04 AM

Braising a pre-smoked brisket?

I smoked a mass of brisket a little while back, and it was ... ok. Much drier than I would have liked after a day-long low-and-slow-a-thon. I took one of the smoked slabs and buried it in the freezer for a spell. Now I'm thinking that instead of simply reheating it, I might braise it (in red wine, perhaps, or my grandmother's molasses and ketchup and water concoction that yielded pure bliss). Think tha will soften it up, or is it too late? Blasphemous, I know, and a little nutty. But might it work?

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  1. Hey Fat Ass,

    I think I would thaw the brisket & either slice it or chop it & let it soak in your Grandma's concoction in the fridge for a day. That will rehydrate it without cooking it anymore & let the flavors mingle. Then I would preheat the oven nice & hot & stick it in - covered & lower the heat to a low temp & let it hang out in there for awhile. Slow residual heat should keep it from drying out any more.

    1. Try steaming it they way they do pastrami.

      1. Cooking it more -- even in liquid -- will dry it out even more. The liquid in the meat's cells is expelled during the cooking process's. Think chicken broth.

        I'd do what Isabella suggested and simply reheat it.