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Dec 5, 2007 02:56 AM

downtown Brooklyn iHop?

I heard a new one is opening on Livingston and Bond.
Anyone seen it?

I know, I know...there are better food options.

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  1. no way...this rules if its true.

    1. Yes, I saw an IHOP sign on Livingston Street, as my bus whizzed past.. I didn't see if it was open, though.

      1. It's been "Coming Soon" for the last three months. I haven't seen any work going on, though. As of two days ago, it was still not open.

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        1. re: lambretta76

          I just heard 12/21 from a "reliable" source...

          1. re: Larry Brooks

            I ride by there frequently and, after several months of nothing seeming to be happening, I saw workers putting new IHOP signs up on the building very recently.

        2. I know you acknowledged that there are better food options, but frankly, starving is a better option.

          1. FYI, whether you're happy or horrified by this news, I rode by the new IHOP on Livingston in downtown Brooklyn on Sunday and it appeared to be open. Like it or not, I think Brooklynites will pack a downtown IHOP and, um, eat it up. For better or worse, it doesn't really seem like a terrible location for an IHOP, next to the Greyhound bus terminal and a place where tired shoppers and area workers can take a break and grab a quick cheap meal. Although it is undoubtedly more of the onslaught of the chains and a reflection of who can afford real estate in NYC. Sigh. I can remember when there were no Dunkin' Donuts and no chain drug stores and not even any Subway sandwiches in NYC and I'm not talking about that long ago. For the record, I don't like the mallification of Soho with upscale apparel retail stores either. More troubling than the downtown Brooklyn IHOP, to me at least, is the rumor about a double-decker IHOP coming to midtown Manhattan/Times Square. Please tell me there is no truth to that rumor?