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Dec 4, 2007 11:38 PM

Delivery and/or Takeout in Silver Lake area (south of Sunset)

Moving to Silver Lake soon and wondering about great delivery/takeout options. For delivery, they'd have to deliver south of Sunset Junction

Specifically I'm looking for:

Pizza that isn't Domino's or Pizza Hut.

Great Mexican or Mexi-American takeout.

Chinese -- preferably one that doesn't use MSG or can eliminate it upon request. East-coast style egg rolls are a huge plus.

Deli sandwiches and/or salads.


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  1. I like the Mexican food at this small family run stand called Tacos Delta.

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      Tacos Delta would be 'take-out' only.

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        Don't care for Tacos Delta. It takes forever to get your middling food and it's overpriced.

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          I've tried them too, they are ok, but for fish tacos, for me, hands down right across the street seven mares can't be beat. they are always fresh, never fishy, which cheapy fish tends to be.. they used to have the best tamales too, but sadly, they took them off the menu.. my mom's were authentic, northern new mexico style so I'm very picky..I dont really care for most "mexican" versions.. does anyone know where I can get those type of tamales here? another question I would have is for posole.. again, not the mexican version but more northern new mexico aka "spanish" style.. thanks

        2. There's been a couple of big threads on Silver Lake delivery, but to answer your questions specifically:
          Pizza: You have a pretty good choice of Capriccio Pizzeria, Hard Times, Nicky D's and Palermo's.
          I'm not familiar with any Mexican that delivers (although I'm working on a delivery guide as we speak) but I would say Siete Mares tacos or Yuca's for stand-type food and Alegria for nicer take-out.
          No decent Chinese in the area unless you like Chi Dynasty. I think they are planning on delivering when they re-open. But it's expensive and very Americanized.
          Hopefully all the good Thai food can suffice for some of the Chinese cravings.
          The only deli/salad type place that delivers that I'm aware of is Home, which is eh. For take-out, there's plenty of choices -- Cardone's, Alcove, Mustard Seed, Square One, etc. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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            For Mexican / Salvadoran delivery, Los Cobanos at Sunset and Silverlake. Their food is prepared fresh and I don't think it travels very well, but it's worth a try, or stop in.
            Masa's of Echo Park delivers / doesn't deliver now maybe? / will deliver again soon. They have good Chicago style deep dish pizza that's great for delivery but their thin crust usually doesn't make it hot.
            Michelangelo on Silverlake blvd delivers decent pizza and Italian.
            There's an Italian deli with sandwiches for take out on Sunset near Silverlake blvd but I have never been. Is it Cardone's?

          2. Hard Times Pizza Company (near the Trader Joes in Silverlake) will delivery South of Sunset. Their pizza is excellent, but you pay for the quality.

            I wounder if that Pizza place on the corner of Sunset & Alvarado is any good. Thoughts?

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            1. re: Devil 2 U

              I think you're talking about Pizza Buona and when we tried it we were totally underwhelmed. Toppings seemed processed, not fresh, and the (overly abundant) sauce tasted like it came from a big can. Upside. It's way cheap. Your mileage may vary.

            2. welcome to the hood! i am a student and eat out constantly, plus have lived in silverlake/echo park for 10 years, so i'd like to think i've got it dialed in....

              pizza: definitely il capriccio (my favorite is the capricciosa with prociutto and artichoke!), also nicky d's (both have wood-fired ovens and deliver all over silverlake)

              mexican: my favorite in the neighborhood is alegria - no delivery but easy for takeout, at sunset and maltman. they've been around for years, are super nice, and it's sorta modern mexican - a little healthier than most, great quality. good guacamole. cash only, usually takes about 20 min to make your order. great hot sauce, delicious tacos dorado (i like to get one chicken and one potato, then smother with a side of guac), good fish tacos, and great burritos and amazing specials - usually a good fish dish. lots of vegetarian options if you desire. oh and the boudin, which is a baked dish with corn tortillas, cheese, chicken...delish. also great fruit frescas.

              for chinese, best to travel the 10 minutes to yang chow in chinatown - it's not far at all, just go east on sunset to broadway, make a left...yes the slippery shrimp is 3,000 calories but just don't eat the whole thing in one sitting- share with someone and it's ok once in a while. totally worth it. everything on their specialties is good, no msg. someone i know thought they used it, but i'm pretty sensitive to it and have never had that msg feeling afterwards.
              819 N. Broadway
              Los Angeles, CA 90012
              TEL: (213) 625 - 0811

              deli sandwiches - there's a recently opened deli (about a year now?) called Cardone's on sunset just east of micheltorena. i've only had their sandwiches and they're darn good. they deliver too.

              other bonus picks, although you didn't ask about thai, i must throw in my ultimate fave:
              love the drunken noodles with wet gravy (i ask for it mild and it's still pretty spicy), crab rolls, salmon both ways - curry and mushroom/ginger...beef mouth is watering - if i don't eat here once a week something just isn't right.

              also next door to rambutan is pho cafe, where you can get a great pho for cheap (no delivery, cash only


              and finally, gingergrass on glendale also vietnamese - really nice takeout noodle dishes (no delivery).

              oh - and alcove on hillhurst has great food, especially sandwiches - amazing roast beef and horseradish, turkey pesto, lamb burgers...

              now you've got me thinking about dinner....good luck and let me know what you think!

              1. Mae Ploy (Thai) on Sunset most likely delivers to your part of the hood.