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Dec 4, 2007 09:59 PM

reservations at LOS?

Do i need reservations for lunch or dinner at LOS on a weeknight (going the week of the 17th, so slow in Vegas that all the high end places are closed =( )

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  1. You can usually get by without reservations mid-week, but even when Las Vegas is slow it is a must on weekends. Also note that lines can often form at lunch in the noon - 1 PM range, so if you are planning to go mid-day you might want to consider around 11:30, when they open, or a little after 1.

    1. I would make res to make sure that you get the time you want. The waiting room is small so it really can't hurt. They do not take res for lunch and do not eat the lunch buffet, order from the menu. I am going this weekend

      1. Yes, make reservations.