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Dec 4, 2007 08:25 PM

Matsue Kashi in New York (at Cafe Zaiya)

Kashi are small, hand crafted desserts made from a ingredients including mochi, sweet bean past, and agar. Not the cereal.

Cafe Zaiya is highlighting kashi desserts made by New Matsue Kashi, based in Matsue City.

According to the flyer, "The New Matsue Kashi Project is planning to create a kashi bar in New York. Here people will be able to watch the kashi being handmade by master craftsmen, as well as being able try the kashi. The New Matsue Kashi Project will also be exporting the technique of kashi making." In the meantime, I guess you can get your fill at Zaiya.

They're tiny, artistic, and not cheap, but they're the sort of thing you're going to eat in four or five bites. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and pick up a couple, or at least drop in to take a look.

Here are some pics:

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  1. Er, that is, Cafe Zaiya on 41st St between 5th and Madison. South side, in between Yagura and Chiyoda Sushi.

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    1. re: larrylee

      Thanks, Larry. What are the varieties, and which do you recommend?

      Also, I assume they're only at the Midtown location?

      1. re: squid kun

        I don't believe they are there any more. They were there monday and tuesday and I'm pretty sure that was it. I tried the mango and the chestnut ones. They had about 8 other flavors. I can recall seeing green tea, pumpkin, fig, some jellied looking one, and yuzu but i'm sure there were others. Of the two i had, my favorite was the chestnut.