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Dec 4, 2007 07:56 PM

Name this candy: apricot paste with pistachios

The one item that my grandmother wants for Christmas is some sort of candy that she described as "apricot paste with pistachios cut up in little squares". I am pretty sure this exists (as odd as it sounds) because I have very vague childhood memories of her eating this candy. Can anyone tell me what this is called and where I can buy it?

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  1. What's your grandmother's ethic background, that might be a clue.

      1. re: Humbucker

        yes, cotlets and then there are also applets. dusted w/ powdered sugar i believe, they are available in many stores as well, especially this time of the year. possibly target or trader joe's

        1. re: Humbucker

          Thanks for the link. I just got to look at the website now. I never realized they had all the other goodies besides Aplet and Cotlets...nor did I know the founders were Armenian immigrants who created candies from their childhood using fruits of the new world. Under Fruit Delights they had some selections that I've never tasted while in Washington States:

          "..Old-Fashioned LocoumĀ® Gift Boxes - Our fresh-tasting version of a Near-East delicacy with flavors right out of the Arabian Nights! Includes Cinnamon & Walnut, Orange Blossom & Almond, Rose & Pistachio, and Lemon...."

          Now I want to order some, too.

        2. Applets and cotlets...I see them most when growing up in the Northwest.
          Aren't they also called Turkish Delights? Especially if she mentions pistachio nuts?
          In the Northwest it is more often with walnuts, if I remembered correctly.

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            I always knew these as Turkish Delights. I can't think of a time when I've ever seen anything called "cotlets."

          2. This candy is common in Greece and is called loukoumi (aka Turkish delight). The applets and cotlets are ok by not as good as authentic.

            1. Thank you all - I am almost positive that Aplets or Cotlets is the candy that she is referring to. I vaguely remember that they were dusted in powdered sugar and the picture on the website looks right.