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Best Cupcake on the Main Line?

It's my turn to buy birthday cupcakes for the class. Where can I get the best ones? It's an college class, so I'm looking for good taste, not the fanciest icing. - Max

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  1. Personally, I love Clay's in Berwyn for cakes and cupcakes. Even though you're not looking for fancy, they can do any design and they are delicious!

    1. I agree..Clays in Berwyn is wonderful. Just placed an order for a B-Day cake and cookies. They are not cheap...but well worth the money.

      1. Clay's hands down for both taste & design (flowers are so pretty!)
        FYI Dixie Picnic from OC,NJ currently has a stand in KOP mall. The cupcake part itself is nothing special, but it's great for icing fans as they are iced "upside down" They do have great flavor varieties too. So, for something different, you could go with them.

        1. Dixie Picnic's Upcakes are amazing. I was instantly addicted to them. You can get them at KOP or online at their website - www.dixiepicnic.com. It's something unique and delicious, always a hit.

          1. Clay's is great, but for good old fashion birthday cupcakes you can't beat the bakery at Genuardi's. You can eat a half dozen yourself

            1. Thumbs way, way, WAY up to Dixie Picnic. We enjoyed their upcakes several times during our OC vacation this past June and I was thrilled to read here about their KOP kiosk. Got a baker's dozen last night and all were delicious - moist cake with a little heft to it and generous, full-flavored frosting. Between three of us we tried the gingerbread/lemon, applesauce/apple cider, chocolate malted, coconut, choc/choc, van/choc, choc chip, peppermint stick/choc and pumpkin/vanilla. Not a bad one in the bunch. They're also selling homemade jams and marinades and dog biscuits and cute mugs and aprons. The owner was staffing the kiosk last night and is really friendly. It's so nice to have something with a more local feel at the mall - definitely stop by and give them a try! (upstairs at the Plaza near Sephora - I had to call customer service and ask where they were)

              1. Here's a rundown on the bakeries I tried:
                * Clay's was too sweet, the icing was too creamy - for me. The cake was fine. Clay's in Berwyn is 15 miles from my house and far from the class.
                * Genuardi's was poor on all counts. Shaving cream-like icing, near-empty cake.
                * Going to the Mall for cupcakes seemed crazy at this time of the year, so I didn't sample Dixie Picnic.
                * Viking Pastry in Ardmore would have been good, but the sample I bought was stale.
                They're cheaper than the other bakeries.
                * The Bakery House in Bryn Mawr has excellent icing and fine cake. If you buy there (as I did), get them a few hours before your party time, because they keep them refrigerated (and therefore fresher) until you pick them up. --- Max

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                  Thanks to everyone who posted about Dixie Picnic. I love cupcakes so I was intrigued. I picked up half a dozen today. There is a wonderful array of flavors. I have tried pieces of several and they are really good. My kids seemed to like them as well. I have tried and liked flying monkey patiserie (my kids hated them), Clays, and the bakery house but these are my favorites so far. The owner told me she would be there until the end of January.

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                    Interesting though, Dixie Picnic cut up day old ones as the samples when I was there. I understand that it is a good way to get rid of the leftovers, however, how is that a true sample?! I think it makes you have a worse impression of the taste.

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                      The samples I tried were moist and absolutely delicious, not old at all.

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                        maybe you hit a day where they had no day old ones left! The woman actually said to me "these on the bottom shelf are yesterdays, I cut them up as samples, which do you want to try."

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                          Aite. I mail-ordered a dozen Pixie Picnic cupcakes. They sound yummy...we'll see how they compare to NYC cupcakes that I'm used to. :)