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Dec 4, 2007 07:45 PM

Where did the owner/chef of El Huipil go?

There used to be a great Mexican hole-in-the-wall on Sullivan Street in Red Hook called El Huipil. Unfortunately, no one knew it was there and no one could find it because the sign was obscured by trees. (I kept telling the guy he needed to put a blackboard sign on Van Brunt). Anyway, it closed down this past year (to be replaced by a decent place with great Avocado fingers or something like that). I've forgotten the chef/owner's name but he was from Oaxaca and was married to a Manhattan woman. I heard through the grapevine that he may have gone back to Mexico. Does anyone know where he went and/or if he's opened up a new place? Thanks for any help!

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  1. The family moved to North Carolina. I believe they were from Guerrero (sp?).

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    1. re: Barry Strugatz

      How do you know? (I'm hoping it's not true because I want some of this man's food, again!)

      1. re: ToastMaster

        A Columbian friend who lives around the corner and was a frequent customer told me.

        1. re: Barry Strugatz

          yes, the owner told me the same thing. The new place is pretty decent, but not as good as the old el Huipil

            1. re: Barry Strugatz

              P.S. Has he started a new restaurant in North Carolina, do you know?

              1. re: ToastMaster

                That's all I could find out, sorry. Let us know if you find anything comparable.