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Dec 4, 2007 07:41 PM

Honeymoon in NOLA

I live in New Orleans and we plan to honeymoon here. It's a chance to save some money for a big trip in a year but also eat at all the places we've wanted to. I have a working list and want to ask your advice. First, I'd like to know which restaurants you would kickto the curb and which ones you may want to add. Second, I'd like to know which ones you'd suggest for lunch or for dinner. I'm not necessarily looking for the most upscale meals, I'm looking for the best food in places we can dress up and dress casually. The dates will be from Dec 21-25/26 or until we run out of money. Thanks everyone.

-K Paul's
-Commander's Palace
-Dick and Jenny's
-Broussard's for their German Christmas meal (she spent time in Germany growing up)

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  1. I think Stella! is the best restaurant in the city. I blindly recommend it nearly every time someone asks for a rec.

    Also, MiLa is fantastic. I've been twice since they opened about a month ago, and each time the food and the atmosphere have blown me away.

    My third rec would be Iris. Casual and small, with a good atmosphere, the food is absolutely stunning. You'll love it.

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      Whole heartedly agree on Stella. It is the best restaurant, and in my opinion, the food is the most consistently spectacular on any given night. It never seem to have an "off night." If you have never been, Brigtsen's is an absolute must as well.

    2. Back, probably before you were born, we did the same thing. The "offical" honeymoon was a month in Mexico, and was almost to the day, a year later. For our event meal, we did the full menu at Tujaques Restaurant and also celebrated Mardi Gras.

      For your listed restaurants, I'd opt for Brigtsen's (No. 1), then (based on CH recs., as we have NOT dined there) Stella!. I'd probably put August, Commander's & Delmonico's as a tie for 3rd.

      Have not eaten at Broussard's in many decades, so I cannot comment, but with the first few, who needs nos. 5-8?

      Now, I'm talking about the whole experience, but food gets 85% of the vote.

      BTW, congratulations!


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        At this point, I am excited for you to make it back to NO to finally make it to Stella! Cannot wait to hear your impressions of the sublime food and stellar winelist. We enjoyed the Opolo Vineyard Cab and the Tablas Creek Rhone there. Great list, and then manage to also not alienate the wine drinker who is not looking for a $100+ bottle of wine and up.

      2. I've posted this before, but I think something really romantic and fun would be to do dinner at Ralph's on the Park and then take a horse and carriage ride thru CityPark to see the lights. They will pick you up at Ralph's and will serve hot chocolate. Just something a bit different, and you would probably always remember :) Plus Ralph's on the Park has consistently good food.

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          For my wife's 40th birthday, I had a horse-and-carriage pick us up at the Windsor Court for a ride through the Quarter before dropping us off at Bayona. It was a blast, but also a riot. Clearly a lot of these buggy drivers are paid to recommend certain places. So we'd drive by a place like the Hard Rock, and the driver would play it up to be one of the best restaurants in the city. Then he had no idea how to get to Bayona. I directed him, and when we arrived he exclaimed, "Oh, this place! We call this place Galatoire's!" Fortunately his ignorance only contributed to, and did not detract from, our fun that evening.

        2. I would take K Paul's off the list just because of the price. It will put a big dent in your travel fund.

          I also would consider eliminating Commander's. It's also very pricy, and unless you're a regular, you risk being relegated to the tourist section which usually translates to a second-rate experience.

          Finally, I'm not an Emeril fan (to be clear, I have tremendous respect for what's he's accomplished and what he's done for the city, but I don't love his restaurants anymore), so I would strike Delmonico.

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            Where would you suggest if we cut any of the ones you recommended we cut?

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              I'm a fan of Brigtsen's, Stella and Dick & Jenny's.

          2. If you're interested in going to lunch at Commander's you can have a very nice meal at a very decent price (three courses usually around $30) plus 25 cent martinis. We did this all the time in law school and it was a blas to get a late seating (1 pm or so) and just stay on through the afternoon. I would request a seat in the Garden Room and they might accommodate you but even if you end up downstairs you will still enjoy good food at a nice reduced price.

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              Yeah I have knocked Commander's back to lunch. I've heard mixed reviews but still want to go. I thought lunch would be a good compromise.