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Xmas Tamales?

I would like to order some for the holiday season. Does anyone have a good source? I know all about Corn Maiden (which I love) but more open to a straight-up tamale experience. Gracias.

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  1. you might want to try mama's hot tamales in macarthur park:


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      Second on Mama's Hot Tamales if you're looking for a more traditional experience -- they serve quite a few regional varieties too. Adobo beef is my favorite there!

      I also did some taste-testing at the Indio Tamale Festival in Dec. 1-2, other good tamales I've had include Nini's in Whittier and Temecula Tina's in, well, Temecula. I don't think either is a restaurant though but they may ship or do catering orders.


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        I found Mama's Hot Tamales to be dry, skimpy on filings, and overall unremarkable

        1. re: Ernie

          You're not the only one. Mama's Hot Tamales used to be really great back in the days when the carts were out in the park a few years ago. But in the last two years or so, the quality has taken a real tumble - just as the prices have nearly doubled. The last several times I've crossed the park for tamales, they've been out of at least a third of what's listed on the menu, and those that are served up are rubbery and dehydrated. It's clear they'd microwaved tamales made many days - or many weeks? - ago. Those once vibrant flavorings have become washed out. It's sad, really, because Mama's Hot Tamales was once a pretty special place that served up good food at a good price for a good cause. Now it's just another overpriced, overhyped rip-off emporium that really needs to be put out of its misery.

      2. La Mascota
        In business over 50 years. Excellent!

        2715 Whittier Blvd
        Los Angeles, CA 90023
        Phone: (323) 263-5513

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          Oh! Oh! Oh! That's where I get my masa every year!

          I've not had their tamales but I do love their masa and I would assume that the tamales will be just as good. It's fluffy and not at all greasy like so many masas are. It's my secret for awesome tamales.

          1. re: jencounter

            Try their chicken and the green chile/cheese ones.............sooooo good........
            La Mascota rules!

        2. I haven't ordered from them in a few years, but I used to always rely on La Indiana, on Indiana Ave near Olympic. If you do try them, please report back and let us know!

          La Indiana Tamales
          1142 S Indiana St, Los Angeles, CA 90023

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            second it, but there specialty is bbq tamales...So i do not know if this is what you are looking for.

          2. Sandra & Lolitas in ELA

            1. Here are my own favorites for traditional tamales listed in order of preference:

              La Indiana Tamales
              1142 S Indiana St
              Los Angeles, CA 90023
              (323) 262-4682

              Mama's Hot Tamales Cafe
              2124 W 7th St
              Los Angeles, CA 90057
              (213) 487-7474

              Cinco Puntos Mexican Foods
              3300 E Cesar E Chavez Ave
              Los Angeles, CA
              (323) 261-4084

              Tamales made by Cinco Puntos are also sold at some Super A Food Market locations.

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              1. re: Sam D.

                Tamales made at La Indiana Are sold at Albertsons. I prefer the Chicken and Beef tamales form la mascota

              2. Tamara's Tamales on Washington in Culver City

                1. If you are looking in the Valley check out Lenchita's in Pacoima. I've only had their red tamales but they were excellent. Not as good as my ex-mother-in-law used to make on Christmas Eve but darn close. Tried to hold on to mother-in-law in the divorce as my share of the community but the Court didn't buy the idea.

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