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Dec 4, 2007 06:38 PM

Where to buy a sharpening stone?

Any ideas on where to purchase a decent sharpening stone? Our live-in housekeeper/nanny requested a better one. The one we have used to belong to an ex-bf of mine from several years ago. It's not like I can ask HIM where he got it! LOL Thanks for the help!

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  1. I got mine at a hardware store. 2-sided, 11-inch Norton stone. $32.50. I'm very happy with it.


    1. Epicurean Edge is a good place to buy stones.

      You may want to get a combination whetstone that has 1000 grit on one side and 6000 grit on the other. One side will sharpen the edge, the other side will polish it.

      1. DMT Duosharps are my choice in decent sharpening stones. Pricey, but excellent quality, flatness and longevity. I recommend the 8 inch models. They can be bought online at Amazon, etc., and are all roughly offered at the same price. Might find a deal on eBay.

        1. I got mine at a wood working convention and it is excellent. So I figure you could go to any wood working supply place and get one. Mine is an "Arkansas stone . . . the finest stone a man can own!"

          1. If you don't have a local source, Lee Valley is a trusty, established mailorder supplier.
            The 8" Diamond – 600x/1200x bench stone is a *very* good tool for sharpening knives:

            They also have a number of special-purpose knife sharpening things, but in
            my experience getting comfortable with a bench stone is your best choice.

            Leonard Lee, who started Lee Valley, wrote the definitive book on sharpening:
            He's mostly concerned with woodworking tools, but there's a big section on knives as
            well as lots of generally-applicable knowledge and techniques.