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Dec 4, 2007 06:36 PM

need ideas for amuse bouches


I just bought the most beautiful serving spoons and i need some ideas for some good tasting amuse bouches that i can make for christmas dinner. The idea is to serve a mouthful of yummyness in my nice new spoons.


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  1. Scallop Cerviche - if you can get REALLy nice scallops, a simple dressing ( maybe somthing asian inspired??) and just a few herbs on top would be fabulous.... :)

    1. Watermelon cube topped with a drop or two of high quality balsamic.

      Creamy polenta with parm, topped with a couple of buttery, garlicy bay scallops, or shrimp.

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      1. re: scuzzo

        Watermelon isn't great this time of year, IMO. What other fruit could it work with?

        Loooove the polenta. As a veg, I'd top it with sautéed garlicky mushroom, but I see how the scallop would work.

        Goat cheese with a toasted pecan half and pomegranate seeds/syrup.

        Roasted Brussels sprout half with tapenade.

        1. re: piccola

          Your goat cheese and pecans combo made me think of this, which I think is an authentic Italian final course. Quality flaked parm with toasted walnuts and drizzled with honey.

          And your right about watermelon not being great now...

          I got a great book by Rick Tramonto about amuse bouches, and I think the watermelon/balsamic thing was from his book. I recommend it.

      2. shrimp bloody Mary shooters
        toasted and buttered brioche with apples foie gras
        tuna tar tar with crushed fried won ton wrappers and pickled cucumber
        pickled asparagus with fried calamari and Harissa sauce (Moroccan condiment)
        shaved fennel with persimmon, mint and crumbled fried bresaola

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        1. fresh (or canned) lychees stuffed with preserved ginger, with a warm rose water syrup