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Dec 4, 2007 06:34 PM

Can't get reservation for Sat. night w/ parents - please help!

My husband and I offered to take our parents out to dinner this Saturday night and I'm having trouble getting a reservation. Unfortunately, there are a number of restrictions: Soho generally near Broadway, 5 people, around 8 PM, sufficient fish (no shellfish) options. I can't get in at Salt, Lupa, Aquagrill, or Lure. Balthazar is a little too expensive and Il Corallo Trattoria doesn't look nice enough (but I could be wrong, as I haven't been). Didn't love the menu at Blue Ribbon Brasserie. I've heard of Smiths and Alma Blue, but can't find them anywhere onIine. I know this is tough but I'd really appreciate suggestions! Thank you in advance.

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  1. Two suggestions:

    1) Could you do French? Bistro Les Amis seems to be a great option down there.

    2) This one's out of left field because I haven't been there, but I got a great rec on The Kitchen Club recently. You might want to start a thread about it before you decide on it, but it's just an idea.

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    1. re: coleyas

      Thank you for Bistro Les Amis. It looks great... for next time. No 8 PM for Sat. night. On to OpenTable it is!

    2. totally go try fresh in tribeca...its a board favorite but no one really goes nuts for it. its solid seafood in a nice airy room...great service...great area...they almost definitely will be able to seat you.

      check opentable or call them.

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      1. re: sam1

        I agree Fresh is a great seafood option downtown. I had a very pleasant meal there recently, and recommend it highly.

      2. Jane is solid and generally a crowd-pleaser

        1. i'd say the best option you have is to check and see who might have something. it's quite easy and you can make the res right there and then.

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          1. re: artfuldestruct

            Thanks for that idea. I did it and selected Fr.Og. There are mixed opinions here so if anyone has anything else I'm open to it.

            1. re: alwm

              eh...frog is destined to close...horrid name and the place never got any buzz going.

              id still consider switching to fresh...seriously...parents would love it.

              also, frog is sort of north african inspired french...i dunno about yr dad but my dad isnt a fan of that stuff.

          2. I would give Rauol's or Shorty's .32 a look. Both excellent food without being unbelieveably expensive...good luck.