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Dec 4, 2007 05:41 PM

Help! My Bananas Go from Green to Brown [Moved from Home Cooking board]

I like to buy bananas in, say, Costco, where they sell for 4 lbs for $1.33 but they're totally greeen. I keep them in my kitchen on a banana stand, and they start to brown before they've become yellow. This happened in both the summer and in the winter here in New York, so I can't imagine temperature is an issue. Does anyone have any suggestions for making my bananas go from green to yellow to brown? Thanks.

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  1. Sorry, I have no advice for you, but this always reminds me of the movie "Hotel de Love" when one of the characters is comparing his love life to bananas:
    "I don't get bananas. They're green for about a week, then they're ripe for about 12 minutes before going brown and mushy forever. Sometimes I can't go out because I'm waiting for my bananas to turn ripe. "

    1. I have a friend who says," I'm so old I don't buy green bananas." But seriouisly, if you're storing those bananas near apples, that may be the cause of EBO (early browness onset.) Apples and tomatoes emit ethylene gas, which causes fruit to ripen. So, obviously make sure those fruits are no where near your greenies. I have read that bananas can be put in the fridge as soon as they start to ripen. Although the skin darkens, the fruit inside will be firm. I have frozen bananas and the children ate them like an ice cream cone.

      1. I don't know what to tell you...I hate it when that happens, too! If I go to the store and the bananas are green I look for a bunch that's started turning yellow, so I can have a little bit of indication that they won't go straight from green to brown. But I don't generally eat them anymore, because I can only eat them during that aforementioned 12-minute window, and I refuse to order my life around that.

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          Thanks to all who responded. No more bananas from Costco for me.

        2. You can freeze them if you want to use them in smoothies. Cereal is like that for me. I have to woof it in 30 seconds or it seem to be a soggy mess.

          1. I buy bananas from Costco all the time and have never had that problem. Like the other poster said, storing them around certain other fruits and veggies can cause problems. I just keep them in a fruit bowl on my ktichen counter.