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Dec 4, 2007 05:21 PM

Stored wine in fridge; is it ruined if subsequently stored at room temperature?

About one month ago my wife and I picked up some good bottles of white and rose on vineyard visits. We stored them in the fridge upon returning home, thinking that we'd consume them within the month, but, lo and behold, now she's pregnant. If we take them out and store them at (cool) room temperature until she's able to share them with me in early summer, will they be ruined?

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  1. Probably not ruined, but the fluctuations in temp will not help them. I'd get a styro-shipper (or similar), and place them directly into that, keeping them in the "cool, dark" place. You want the temps to change, as slowly, as is possible.


    1. I would not lose sleep over it, specially if wines are white/rose. Move them to a cool place and they will be just fine.