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Dec 4, 2007 04:25 PM

Finding Noche Buena on Westside?

Hoping to save myself a little driving... anyone know which stores carry Noche Buena each year? Thanks.

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  1. Noche Buena is what we call the Christmas Eve meal at my Cuban mother-in-law's house consisting of roasted fresh pork leg, black beans & rice, sauteed plantains and boiled yuca. What is it you're looking for here?

    1. hmm...I *think* what the person who posted is looking for is a seasonal cerveza called Noche Buena--if I recall correctly, it was a darker beer, and very tasty. I haven't seen it for a LONG time, so I'd be curious, too, if anyone knows where to find it.

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        Indeed, the Christmans beer is what I'm trying to find. I haven't tried to buy it in a number of years, so have lost track... I was telling a co-worker about it and that's what produced my current quest (I, too, remember it as pretty tasty). I know that it is still produced in Mexico each year, but so far I haven't found a US distributor.

      2. Costco currently has it as part of a variety case. 8 Dos Equis, 8 Dos Equis Light, and 8 Noche Buena. I've got 2 NB's chilling in the fridge right now...