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Dec 4, 2007 04:21 PM

liquor tasting notes

does anyone know of a web site that has tasting notes for various types of liquors? Primarily Vodkas, tequilas, and gin.

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  1. I've seen some on, the online outpost of the liquor chain. Not sure if that's what you're looking for.

      1. A very large portion of my stuff on Slashfood is reviews. Gin is one of my areas of specialization, although I have been doing quite a bit on vodka. I am way behind in my reviews and currently have over two hundred bottles of various spirits, mostly rum, gin, vodka, and whiskey with the odd liqueur and such as well, sitting in my office waiting to be tasted. (I am also opening a distillery in Maine this spring and plan on making gin, besides many one-of-a-kind spirits that are either antique or unusual.)

        Then there are ton of sites. Here are a few I go to often.

        Liquor Snob

        The Beverage Tasting Institute

        Dowd's Spirits Notebook

        The Art of Drink

        Drink Boy

        The Martini Lounge

        The Spirit Journal

        Alcohol reviews

        And of course there is the drinks section of egullet where you will find tons of reviews and discussions

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          Oh I forgot- for rum go to Scotte's Rum Pages:

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            Does your distillery have an internet presence? Where can I get info once it's operational?

            1. re: mhoffman

              We don't have a web site up but have the domain. I've been to busy lately. Check in there and starting in a few weeks we will have updates.


          2. mega dittos on the fine gentlemen's slashfood booze postings above:
            arguably one of the most up to date on the internet.