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Dec 4, 2007 04:07 PM

new braces: soft, but healthy foods?

my better half just got braces and his mouth is hurting, but he's also on a diet and pre-diabetic. all my go-to soft foods are seemingly off-limits (ice cream/gelato, pasta, mashed potatoes, tortillas, etc.). he's had his fill of hard boiled eggs, oatmeal and broth. any suggestions for our quandary? thanks.

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  1. You can make very tasty mashed potatoes with olive oil and tomato juice, very heart-healthy. Oatmeal is completely healthful, you just can't dump cream on it. Try 1 % organic milk. Ditto rice pudding made with 1 % organic milk -- really yummy.

    1. My diabetic brother had a toothache a few months ago and he survived on no-carb sausage stuffing...Replace pork rinds for bread crumbs in your favorite stuffing recipe.

      1. Make a stew/soup he likes and puree it.

        How about other kinds of eggs such as omelet or scrambled? How about well cooked meat in a soup that's not pureed, the kind where the meat is very soft and easy to chew?

        1. Split pea soup will hit the spot without hurting. It has a pretty low glycemic index, so shouldn't be a problem for his blood sugar

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          1. i dont know where cottage cheese fits into the picture (i see no ice cream, but that's usually loaded w.extra fun sugar). if he can swing it, there's a ton of threads out there on how to hack cottage cheese to fit anyones palate.