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Dec 4, 2007 03:35 PM

Mexico City Mercados & Tianguis (Street Markets) - Schedules

FYI the Mexico City government publishes lists & schedules of the various Mercados & Tianguis....

The latest count shows 555 Tianguis locations totaling 574 market days per week... that means on average there are 82 street markets going on in the city on any given day! Follow the PDF links for hours & to find the largest markets by Delegacion (some of those # 400 stalls).

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  1. wow!!!! thanks for the great link! i can't wait to see how many i can get to!

    1. OMG ... what at fantastic resource. Now, if the gobt of other states would take a page from this .... Thanks!!


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        I haven't found anything similar from other States (not suprising given that Mexico City represents 35% of Mexico's GDP)... but if you go to the E-Municipios website... they usually list the major Markets & Tianguis with a brief description.

      2. Wowzer, EN...this is fabulous. I'll be back in the DF for several days in mid-February, visiting friends, and will take this information with me. Thanks so much for posting the link. Excelentísimo, amigo.


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          My pleasure... I am jealous... I have been feeling nostalgic about chilangolandia.... especially when I see threads about people going during the holidays. Well... at least I enjoyed a Huitlacoche Quesadilla, Tacos de Canasta, Mamey-Coco Licuado & Nopales a la Plancha for lunch today =)

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            Wanna be even more jealous? My partner and I will be in San Cristóbal de las Casas for 10 days before we go to the DF on the way home to Morelia. We're taking advantage of our pet sitter!

            You should come visit next time you're in the vicinity. Michoacán has (IMHO) the best indigenous cuisine in Mexico. The IV Expo de Gastronomía starts here this evening and runs through Sunday evening. I wangled a press pass and expect to enjoy some fabulous food.

            I'll have an article on the blog about it all right after the first of the year. Meantime, you can read about a lot of the cuisines of Mexico right here:


        2. just remember that mexico is not well ordered switzerland and that this database is not 100%
          in many cases better to ask a local or a market vendor for their other locations. I looked at this for del. cuauhtemoc over the summer and fund several discrepancies. still a great start!

          1. I thought this was pretty cool - its basically a schedule of time of what typical street food you shoule expect at any point in a day