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Dec 4, 2007 03:15 PM

Chicago This Weekend - In From San Jose

Chicago Chowhounders:

We are making our annual trip to Chicago this weekend. Three couples who dine out together often. Here's what we are thinking: Friday night Fogo. Saturday morning open, Saturday afternoon 11th street deli(?). Saturday evening Steak (Gibsons or better). Sunday breakfast, lunch and early dinner are open. Any recommendations for alternatives would be welcome. Any recommendations for Sunday would be great.

We love it all from grimy dogs and italian sandwiches (gold coast) to fine dining. Hey, we're here to eat, drink, shop and watch football.




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  1. Better than Gibson's in my humble steak eaters opinion:

    Saloon Steakhouse, David Burkes, Keefers, Joes Seafood, Prime Steaks, and Stone Crab


    Mannys Deli

    Enjoy your trip to Chicago

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    1. re: swsidejim

      I agree with swsidejim; Manny's

      IMO it is far superior to 11th street deli, not that 11th is bad, but not many places in America are in Manny's league for taste, quality and that genuine old school ambiance.

      Steak: Although IMO Gibsons is a high bar to jump over, I can say that the Chicago Chop House, Ruth Chris & Carson's cant match it either... so skip those big names.

    2. Steak: Either Gibson's or David Burke's, in my opinion. David Burke's Primehouse is more contemporary and is in the James Hotel. Both are in Gold Coast. Meats there are dry-aged on the permises. But, Gibsons is a Chicago institution, and right on the triangle. Can't go wrong with either.

      Brunch: Sat: Frontera Grill for Mexican brunch and great food.

      I would not waste a night at Fogo, unless you have your heart set on it, esp. if you are going to have steak the following night--so many better dining options in Chicago---jsut a suggestion.

      Are you looking for recs only in Gold Coast?


        Instead of Fogo, I would try any one of the above three restaurants. Quartino is in the gold coast and the other two are within 5-10 minute taxi ride. I would also think about Gene & Georgettis for steak but I agree with the suggestions made so far. Frontera Grill would be a good choice especially since you are from San Jose. Enjoy the city but bring your winter coats

        1. Thank you for the recommendations everyone! Really appreciate your help. Let me know if you are ever in SJ. We have some food here too! Gibsons is booked for Sat got reservations at Keefers. We'll visit Manny's, Frontera and Quartino on this trip. Quick appetizers or quick fly by dining. Thanks again.


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          1. re: gbahue

            Keefers is good, but still like DBP better, if you can get in.You'll like the ambience better and has a great bar, too. You'll be happy with either, though!

            Make sure to have a marg at Frontera, as they are the best!

            Mr. Beef on Orleans if you want some grimy beef--Chicago establishment!

          2. The Spot in Uptown is AWESOME for football watching!

            4437 N. Broadway.

            Three floors, three bars, TONS of tv's. In the upstairs bar they project the game on giant movie screens; and their beer specials are awesome! After 6pm every menu item is 1/2 off...

            I just ate there last night; and am dreaming about the "killer" (that's the name of it) burger I had. LOVE their food.

            The staff is soooo sooo soo nice too! You will NOT be disappointed!


            have fun!!!