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Dec 4, 2007 03:03 PM

Shanghainese food in london

does anyone know of a restaurant specialising in Shanghainese cuisine in London?

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  1. Hello! It's not totally Shanghainese, but Shanghai Blues on High Holborn has some nice Shanghainese dishes (check out their menu online - I went there but didn't have anything 'Shanghainese'. Would love to return for some xiao long bao though!

    Helen Yuet Ling Pang

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    1. re: foodie guide

      Looking at the menu online, some of the more obvious shanghainese dishes include the xlb, the drunken chicken (although I've never seen the traditional version served with bean-thread), the chicken and won-ton soup, the loong-jing king prawns (it's more typically made with shrimp, rather than large prawns), theminced prok balls (lion's head), the shanghai rice-thread (nian gao) dishes and the Shanghai noodles.

      There's a number of dishes on the menu that look Cantonese or Sichuan or Fujian Hakka. And some of the dishes, while they have a "shanghai" label in the English part of the menu, are actually from other regions -- e.g. the Shanghai "shui jiao" in exotic chilli sauce is actually a Sichuan classic. Just be sure to check the menu carefully if all you want are shanghainese dishes, don't necessarily go with the labels.

    2. Ecapital in Chinatown closed earlier this year and was replaced by Haozhan. I also hear that the chef at Red Sun in New Quebec Street has moved on. That leaves Shanghai Blues, which offers fewer Shanghai options than its name suggests, and Inn Noodle in Oxford Street, where you can at least enjoy some decent Xiao Long Bao.

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      1. re: Ian

        Ian, when you say 'decent' XLB, do you mean they're both juicy and tasty? I had XLB in Chinatown that didn't even have any soup in them! I walked past Inn Noodle today and thought about your recommendation.

        Helen Yuet Ling Pang

        1. re: foodie guide

          The only places to get decent XLB in Chinatown are Chinese Experience and possibly Golden Pagoda. Everywhere else you'll find the tiny dumplings totally devoid of stock. The Inn Noodle dumplings have plenty of stock, thin wrappers and a good taste - at least, they did when I last went two months ago. (I tried to visit last week and the place was full.)

      2. This is a long shot, but I'll throw it out there. There's a restaurant called Shanghai on Kingsland Road. No idea how Shanghai-ese it is though. Have never been. Can't vouch. Although this Dim Sum Happy Hour on the weekends that I'm reading about is intriguing!

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        1. re: kristainlondon

          When I was looking through the Shanghai Blues website linked above in foodie guide's post, I remember reading that Shanghai is a sister restaurant.

          1. re: limster

            Both are owned by the Weng Wah Group, which also owns Weng Wah House and a few Chinese buffet joints, if I remember correctly. Shanghai offers few, if any, genuine Shanghai dishes.

            1. re: Ian

              Ian, thanks for the Inn Noodle recommendation. I work just around the corner and walked past it the other day. Must try next week before Christmas! My current benchmark for xiao long bao is Din Tai Fung in Taipei. I've not had such amazing ones anywhere else, yet...

              Helen Yuet Ling Pang

              1. re: foodie guide

                Sadly I haven't yet been to Taipei. I doubt the Inn Noodle specimens will stand up to Din Tai Fung, but they're good for London.

                1. re: Ian

                  That's a good enough recommendation for me! Will report back...

                  1. re: foodie guide

                    Finally! The XLBs were not bad, but not quite soupy enough for me. At least it was fun to watch them being made fresh (at no point did I see any soup cubes being added...) along with the la mian (hand pulled noodles). I took plenty of photos of the latter for my blog though. The la mian wasn't bad (again fresh), but the broth was a bit bland. It was an interesting experience eating at Inn Noodle - as it was lunchtime rush hour, service was chaotic and a little too brusque for my liking.

                    Maybe I'll try again during a quieter time of the day...

                    Helen Yuet Ling Pang