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Dec 4, 2007 02:25 PM

Vin Antico in San Rafael

Any thoughts on Vin Antico in San Rafael? What's good on the menu??

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  1. Ok, I will answer my own question as I went to Vin Antico last night. It is a nice neighborhood place to go. I enjoyed it.

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      Okay, I'll bite. What did you have to eat that was good on the menu?

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        We started off with a couple of nice salads and a small, thin crust pizza. I ordered the eggplant and it was not the typical breaded variety. It was baked with homemade mozzerella and a creamy marinara sauce. I really enjoyed it. My friend ordered cod and it was very tasty. Deserts were wonderful. The lemon cheescake was devine-lighter than usual. The chocolate desert was like a rich brownie on a biscotti-very pleasant.

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          Here is the review from the Marin IJ

          This restaurant opened in the middle of last year and their website is still under construction. Seems odd.

      2. Had dinner there last night. Sat at the wine bar and were waited on by the very friendly owner.

        Pizzetta with a heap of pancetta topped by a runny egg was excellent. The crust is thin and stiff, sort of cracker-like, held up well under the overloaded toppings. Great value at $9.

        Fritto misto ($9) wasn't great--nice crunchy batter, great leeks, but artichoke hearts were a bit mushy and the lemon slices too bitter.

        Since the pizzetta was so good, we tried the bucatini alla carbonara ($14), and it was excellent. The bucatini were fresh, similar to Phoenix Pastificio's--I think they said they get it from Marin Pasta Works.

        Pasta al ceppo with duck sauce ($16) was also very good, so much duck it was sort of a cross between a pasta dish and a stew. Couldn't taste or find the promisd porcini but it was good anyway.

        Great cheese plate ($20) with generous helpings of five Italian cheeses, a sliced apple, and no inappropriate sweet accompaniments.

        A ricotta fig tart ($8) was very good. Panna cotta ($7) was denser than it should have been.

        Lots of interesting wines by the glass, $8 and up.

        The menu had one of those blurbs about how they use organic whenever possible. Also a "no substitutions" warning, so I guess don't go there if you want dishes revised to suit your preferences.

        Overall, nice place, quiet, and a good value. I'm surprised I haven't heard more about it. There's not much info on the Web site, but hours etc. are on the opentable page it links to.

        Vin Antico
        881 Fourth St, San Rafael, CA 94901

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          One other thing: the duck pasta serving was so huge I took some home, which never happens to me. I made a sandwich from some of the duck and there's still a good portion of pasta.

        2. We stopped by last night for wine and snacks. Good arancini, nice salumi platter, nice platter of ricotta and a great bean and eggplant spread, good cheese plate. Some prices have been reduced, e.g. cheese plate was $13 and you can order any three appetizers (regularly priced up to $12) for $26. The food here is a cut above the usual for Marin County.

          They have $5 bar snacks from 5-6pm daily and a $25 three-course prix fixe on Wednesdays. Thursday night's a fun time to go as the street is closed to traffic for the "farmers market" (which is pretty short on farmers).

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            There are farmers on Thursday nights...they just happen to grow socks.

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              There are some farmers, though maybe only half a block of stands out of six or seven blocks of market.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Surprising and disappointing to hear this. A good place in downtown San Rafael.