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Dec 4, 2007 02:08 PM

Maui wedding reception help!

I am getting married this summer at the Fairmont Wailea Resort. There will be 9 people at my wedding including myself and the groom. I would like to go for a nice sunset dinner with at least a semi private feel for the "reception". The Fairmont hosts a dinner called the Hoku Lani dinner under the stars which seems really cool except that they charge $325 per person for a four course meal. I definitely want a nice-upscale dining experience with a view and amazing food, but surely I can do this for less than $325 per person.

If anyone can help with suggestions while keeping in mind, it is a wedding reception so I'll be wearing a wedding dress and groom in tux (ie, no Outback Steakhouse). I would really appreciate some help since I have never been to Maui and am completely blindly searching to make my wedding night memorable for ourselves and our guests.

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  1. I'm not sure how far away it is from the Fairmont, but you could consider the Spago at the Four Seasons Wailea. Manomin, a regular poster here, can vouch for the food and service. The chef, Cameron Lewark, is especially known for making special things happen for celebratory events. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

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      Yoshio is quite correct and I completely agree with her. Chef Cam does an amazing job, he created the meal of a lifetime just for myself and my party of 3 others that simply defies simple description, unbelievable. If you go early enough you will see a great sunset and depending on what time of year, lots of whales. I would call the manager of Spago and check out what they would love to do for you. It is my goal to eat there again and have the magic repeated! Someone else recently posted on a thread regarding Maui and just loved Spago so much they ate there twice in a row (the tasting menu). The Fairmont is almost next door so you would have no problem with distance. I didn't like the Nick's so much in the Fairmont, things were good but too overbearing with at least 5 people waiting on the table, it got confusing. Do give Spago a call. Cameron has been with Spago since he was 17 (in Beverly Hills) and learned from the master Lee Hefter, he has grown and developed into an innovative and ingredient driven chef not to be missed!

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        wow, thanks for the advice. I wil most certainly look into Spago.

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          If you look at the Wolfgang Puck website and click on the area for Spago Maui you will see some great pictures of the restaurant, private dining room, food, etc. I can tell you at least two things that blew me away, he took 2 full days making tomato water for a course that featured all tomato preparations that was amazing (the 3 items) and a dessert that came as aromatherapy with edible papaya blossoms that smelled heavenly with lilikoi sorbet and coconut and I think it was mango with kaffir lime leaves, the table smelled like paradise. BTW, chef Cameron has been there since the opening having transferred from BH last year he was promoted to Chef de Cuisine. I just happen to know a lot about the place from dining there, I visit Maui fairly often
          mostly Kapalua however.

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            reading your post just made me hungry. even if we don't have our reception there the night of our wedding, we will most certainly dine there at least once during our week long stay. thank you for your advice.

    2. Hi! I am getting married in Maui on June 6th! Our reception is going to be at Spago! The event coordinator is Rikka! She's fantastic and very quick at getting back to you!

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        Good luck with your wedding. I am debating for my reception at Spago or the Seawatch restaurant. Both have come very highly recommended.

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          Hi MandySue and Foodgirlie,

          How did your wedding reception go (Spago or Seawatch)? My fiance and I are considering both, and would love your advice.

          Thanks so much!!


      2. Everything you have planned is so beautiful and fantastic. One should be added this was Hula dance and song.

        1. My first choice would be at the Plantation House on the other side of the Island where we were married of last March. It is an incredible place, the best food, great surroundings, overlooking a PGA golf course and the most stunning Maui ocean sunsets. Contact Elaine,2000 Plantation Club Drive, (808) 669-6299. She made our life so easy, looking after every detail.

          But you are probably more apt to stay on your side of the island. If you choose this option I would strongly recommend Mala Wailea, and their private room, the Budha Room. The food is amazing and a little less pretentious then some of the other recommendations. Contact Mark Ellman, 3700 Wailea Alanui Drive, (808) 875-9394.