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Dec 4, 2007 02:08 PM

Where are Florida's best fish tacos?

I am most interested in Central Florida fish tacos, but feel free to list other FL locations.

In Orlando, I usually get them at Baja Burrito and load them up with the salsa fresca. I have not been totally pleased with the ones at Houlihan's. Cheesecake Factory ones are okay. Does anyone know if they have them at that little taco stand in Casselberry?

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  1. The Monkey King....on US 1 in Stuart has incredible fish tacos....I really like fish tacos...have a tough time finding good ones...and The Monkey King has them!!!....The BEST I ever had however....was deepsea fishing in Cozumel, Mexico....caught a large Wahoo....took him back to shore....took him to a restaurnant across from the marina....and they whacked him up....and made fish tacos and just about anything else you could....and boy was that great!.....What a pleasant memory......

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      Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check this place out next time I have to head down that way.

      Having learned to love fish tacos on the streets of Encinada, Mexico, I'm pretty disappointed with what I've tried so far in the Orlando area. The ones I make at home are often requested when folks come over and I usually use shark, when I can get it fresh.

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        I just had the mahi mahi tacos at Monkey King yesterday. You know when you have low expectations (or none at all) and you walk away really really surprised and delighted? Well, that was me and the mahi mahi tacos and Monkey King. The tacos were really tasty. I had one hard shell and one soft shell. The mahi mahi was just a little bit spicy--perfectly so. They were served with a side of black beans and white rice...I think the white rice was kinda a high-margin side, but the rest of the dish was pretty fab. At $13.95 though, it's not cheap.

        Also tried out their sampler beer selection, which was fun. I went for the Nut Brown Ale and my uncle got the Oktoberfest. I thought the Nut Brown was appropriately nutty, but it was too carbonated to be an ale. Now as an American, I prefer my beer on the fizzier side, so this was fine. It just wasn't an ale-ale.

      2. When in Fort Lauderdale, try the fish tacos at Fresh Enchinlada on Federal Highway, between Oakland Park Blvd. and Commercial Blvd.


        1. The best is Zona Fresca, a local fresh mex place in Fort Lauderdale. It is fresh Mahi, perfectly fried, with a tangy sauce.'s light on the wallet.

          1. Shrimp Express in Coral Springs!

            1. Goombays in Satellite Beach