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Dec 4, 2007 02:07 PM

The Tasting Room

I live in Frederick County, IMHO The Tasting Room in downtown Frederick, is the best upscale restaurant around, no I have nothing to do with it, anyone ever tried it....Lobster Mashed Potatoes,mmmm

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  1. It's certainly the best in Frederick, but not worth a drive if you're not already there, IMO. I live in Mont Co, and the two times I've been there I wished I'd driven 30 minutes the other way into DC instead and spent the same money on a better meal.

    1. It's clearly the place to be seen in Frederick. However, while the food is pretty good, the acoustics are terrible. You have to literally yell to be heard. How fun is that? I've been 3 times and last time I had a sore throat for 2 days from having to shout at my dinner companions. That was the last time for me. In judging restaurants, the quality of the food is most important, but ambiance is a close second.

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        I at least got luck on that front, and had the back private room. Very serene, though plain. Same decent but overpriced food as the front room, though.

      2. We have been once.

        FOOD= Good to incredible. Our crab dip entree was entirely too runny but the filet's we both had were up there among the best I have had lately. Asparagus was incredible. Overall the meal was great.

        ATOMSPHERE- OK to awful. We had to wait 40 mins past our reservation in a crowded bar. Then we were told we would get a nice table by the street windows..instead we were placed away next to the wall that seperates the bar...and it was TIGHT. Every time our neighbors or us needed to move to go to the bathroom, etc everyone had to move their chairs around. There was NO WAY to hold a private conversation as I found myself embarrassed to talk so loud.

        In the end run the food was worth it but the space was NOT.