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Dec 4, 2007 01:53 PM

rotisserie chicken-in Philly?

I just moved down to philly from brooklyn. One of my favorite brooklyn meals on a cold winter night is rotisserie chicken served with rice and beans. I would love to find someplace to pick one up on my way home (germantown) from work (KofP). Any suggestions other than Boston Market or the supermarket? Thx!

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  1. Diener's chicken in the reading terminal makes an awesome rotisserie chicken. You can buy them whole or pieces by the pound. You can find them behind the Dutch Eating Place, open Wednesday- Saturday (and maybe Sunday).

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      Dienner's is an Amish vendor; never open on Sunday. RTM is pretty inconvenient with regard to the OP's commute.

    2. WEll, it isn't rotisserie chicken, but i find the fried chicken from Popeye's, whether spicy or mild, along with great rice and beans to be the best fast food around. Problem is locating Popeyes still in business.

      Can anyone tell me, as well as gastro, where they could be found?

      I just found one on the N. J Turnpike Reststop, soon after one gets on it from Route 73, going North. My sinful place for a quickie lunch away from home... It's too tasty to worry about whether or not it's good for you.

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        There's a Popeye's in the Gallery (near the Market East Station) and one on Broad Street near Snyder Avenue.

        I agree with's one of my guilty pleasures too!!

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          There's also one on Broad near Catherine

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          There is a Popeye's on Rt 13 in New Castle DE, also a Crown Fried Chicken and NY Fried Chicken, all within a mile of each other.

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            Popeyes in Lawnside, NJ, about a block away from a Church's Fried Chicken., on Route 30, Also a Popeyes on Route 130 in Pennsauken and one in Willingboro on 130. Personally, I think Church's chicken is better. It is a guilty pleasure!
            I think there is a Dutch Market in Flourtown that also sells the Amish chickens. Gastro, you should check and see if there is a farmers market local to your neighborhood. I seem to remember there was one in Germantown, and believe there is a new one in East Falls on Henry Ave. The Amish chickens are worth seeking out as they are absolutely delicious, and worth the hunt.
            BTW: Costco actually makes a decent roast chicken. I think there is a Costco in the KOP area. The chicken is around $5.

            1. re: mschow

              What Dutch place in Flourtown? In the Flourtown Farmers Market?

            2. re: Bashful3

              There is a Popeye's in Broomall just off of Lawrence Rd and Reed, behind the shopping center. FYI..not sure if worht the trip depending on where you're headed to/from..

            3. thanks for everyones reply. i'll definately check out the amish place in reading terminal one day even though it is a little out of the way. the amish place sounds closer to what i am looking for.
              i have to admit, i am a little disappointed with the suggestion of Popeyes fried chicken. maybe i should be more specific-i do love fried chicken but it is definately not the same thing.
              rotissierie is moister, juicier, golden and definately much more healthy. the places in brooklyn where i would find these delectable birds where usually puerto rican, peruvian and/or chilean/latin american restaurants. the food was dirt cheap, flavorful + homemade.
              i am definately not looking for a fried food from a chain restaurant.

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              1. re: gastro19144

                Bashful never said that Popeye's was the same as rotisserie and you never said that you were looking for "Spanish" style rotisserie chicken.

                But anyway, if that is what you are after, try El Balconcito in NE Philly (see link). I'm not sure if Tierra Colombiana does rotisserie, but I'm sure that someone else can recommend other places in Philly's "barrio". That area is a little out of the way from your commute, but that's probably the best place to find what you are looking for.


                1. re: gastro19144

                  The Amish chickens that I refer to above (and other do as well) are delicious rotisserie chickens, not fried. I think the thread went a little off when someone mentioned good fried chicken. The Amish place I regularly go to has what I consider are the best rotisserie chicken I have had, but it is too out of the way for you. I mentioned the Costco chicken (rotisserie) above, and you will see someone else mentioned how good it is. Not nearly as wonderful as the Amish place I go to, but you can get rotisserie chickens every day of the week at Costco, where as the Amish places are usually only open a few days per week.

                2. If you have a friend who is a member of Costco, go as a guest - they have absolutely the best rotisserie chickens I have ever tasted. They sell millions of them every year. The white meat is moist and delicious, they are plump and provide at least a couple of meals - in fact, they are unbelievable. And they cost about $5.00.

                  1. There is a HUGE difference between rotisserie chicken and fried chicken! It is akin to my asking about Prime Rib and everyone suggesting a cheese steak sandwich. It is a shame that your commute prevents you from coming into center city to either go to Reading Terminal or my favorite rotisserie chicken at DiBruno (it is very expensive at 10 bucks, but worth it).